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Main-d’œuvre recherchée

TROIS-RIVIÈRES — This is in order to stand out from the competition in order to attract workers in information technology to different players at the Table IT is Grouped Mauricie South Shore launch Force TI Mauricie.

The effervescence observed in this sphere of economic activity encouraged the stakeholders to develop a strategy to address the needs of the workforce. We focus on the power of business to create a brand image that will enable the region to draw its pin from the play and to confirm its role as a major center in the area.

This regional strategy is available by creating an Internet site. By visiting the website visitors will be able to better know the companies and their fields of activities, the jobs and the attractions of the region. The goal is to get students in the field of information technology to develop the reflex to think of the Region as a place of work.

“A lot of young people here go to study elsewhere and found to work elsewhere without knowing that the companies in IT are here,” says Chantal Trépanier, president and general manager of Cognibox and the co-chair of Grouped Mauricie South Shore. It is necessary to know the companies. In the region, our businesses are innovative, lit. They offer good conditions. They are nice work environments.”

In the Mauricie region, with 66 companies in IT together 824 workers, of which almost half have been hired in five years. Some 200 jobs are available now. Developers, analysts, people specialized in user experience and quality control, these are a few examples of workers sought by companies working in the areas of emergency, health and safety, mobile applications, industry 4.0, and manufacturing management.

“The reality of IT is that it started small, but it has become an inescapable reality,” says Trépanier. It is often taken with the challenge of recruiting and we see that it is like that in Montreal, in the regions. The challenge is global.”

The strategy includes a presence on Facebook. The brand image will also be used in job fairs and in advertising campaigns.

The strategy targets the IT workers, but also people who wish to obtain training in the field. The Web site presents the institutions that offer the training.

“There are 31 programs offered here. A person can study and make a career here. And there’s the quality of life. What are the major advantages in the shortage of labour. It is in competition with Montreal and Quebec city. It is necessary to stand out,” says Charles-André Horth, president of Factora and leader of the Force TI Mauricie, in reference to the tranquillity of the mauritian versus the traffic problems in montreal.

Other steps will be added to this strategy of grouping, which enjoys financial support from the Québec government, the BDC, the City of Shawinigan and IDE Trois-Rivières.


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