OSTR: a season rich

OSTR: une saison riche

THREE-RIVERS — the next season of The OSTR will be placed under the seal of the brilliance and variety with seven concerts in the main series unveiled Thursday at the school Val-Marie in the sector Cap-de-la-Madeleine.

On 3 November, we will open the season with a concert entitled The frontiers of the cosmos based on the famous work The Planets by Gustav Holst. At this monument, we will associate another in the eyes of countless fans, as will also the music for the series Star Wars, by John Williams. Jacques Lacombe took the opportunity to insert a discovery, a piece of Quebec’s Denis Lessard, a Concerto for harmonica “astronote”.

It takes the concept of a Christmas concert with Christmas over time to the 15 December. True to his unquestionable attachment to his hometown, maestro Lacombe has been entrusted by the He Raymond Perrin the direction of the orchestra and choirs. On the menu: Bach, Rutter, Hadley, Berlioz, and Hayman and a Christmas Tale that must be the guest conductor for this concert.

On 16 February, up to Eight seasons, celebration!, a concept that Jacques Lacombe admits to having on his desk for a few years. It will not be him who will direct it, unfortunately, but he has entrusted the baton to David Lefèvre, violin with the philharmonic Orchestra of Monte-Carlo which will run in addition to being the soloist. It entremêlera The Four seasons of Vivaldi with The four seasons of Buenos Aires Astor Piazzola.

Beethoven will be a place of choice in the programming since it will be the subject of two shows separate and consecutive during the same weekend, Saturday 9 and Sunday 10 march 2019. Under the direction of Stephen Smith with André Laplante at the piano, will be full, the five piano Concertos of the great composer.

Small detour on the side of the film on Sunday, may 5, while the conductor Daniel Myssyk will lead a concert that will be dedicated to the music of films such as West Side Story, Out of Africa, Schindler’s List, The Mission, or Raiders of the Lost Ark. The concert will feature Marie-Josée Arpin playing the violin and Zaven Zakarian to the clarinet and will be accompanied by the students of the Conservatoire de musique de Trois-Rivières.

This brilliant season will conclude with the presentation of Carmina Burana, the seminal work of Carl Orff, under the direction of Dina Gilbert. One can applaud the soprano Aline Kutan, tenor mauritian Jacques-Olivier Chartier, and Philip Addis, which will be accompanied by the Choir of the OSTR and the Master of the Petits Chanteurs du Cap. The program will also include another discovery for many spectators, Cantata for a joy of Stone Mercury.

The programming of the next season to the OSTR also includes the series of early Mornings in the music, which features five performances at the foyer Gilles-Beaudoin. The show starts on September 16 with The case of Schubert, with the Quartet Voxpopuli. This panorama of the life and works of Schubert will be accompanied by a talk by Patrick Mathieu.

Sunday 2 December, it is the bass viol of Margaret Little and the harp triple-Antoine Malette-Chénier is that it invites the spectators to The Spanish steps with the baroque music of Spain and Italy.

The piano red from January 27, will feature two pianists, Jeanne Amièle and Simon Larivière. We returned to Spain on the 24 February with Impressions of Spain in the company of the Trio Iberia. Finally, on the 24th of march, the entire Ladom will present No boundaries with music from persia and the folklore of the Balkans.

Another series that is gaining in popularity, Music to St. James will continue his career in the place very inspirational as is the church of St. James of old Trois-Rivières. Beginning October 14, with ropes marine of the set Of equilibria. On the 25th of November, we will hear Jean-Luc Therrien, piano Jean-Samuel Bez violin in the Salon d’automne. The spectators will be enchanted by the concert Of the dream in Russia on Sunday, 28 April with a trio formed by Valérie Milot on harp, Elvira Misbakhova, alto and Jocelyne Roy, flute. Instinct for life, on Sunday may 26, will feature Philippe Prud’homme, piano. Prokofiev, Chopin, Marc-André Hamelin are in the program. The season in St. James will end on The sun rises in the east with the duo Ventapane on 9 June.

With the activities at the school, the lecture series music, the talks around the concerts, the season will definitely be charged. All the details of the programming are available on the website www.ostr.ca on which you can already subscribe for the next season, according to the various options proposed to meet different budgets.


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