Jacques Lacombe: leave on a good note

Jacques Lacombe: quitter sur une bonne note

THREE-RIVERS — Maestro Jacques Lacombe will conduct his last concert with the OSTR before his year away from the orchestra he this Saturday, may 19, at 20 h at room Thompson so that it will the opera Faust, by Gounod.

The chief maintains an ambivalent feeling towards this benefit. “Obviously, there is a certain twinge of the fact that this will be my last concert before my sabbatical, but the excitement also because it is a new challenge that I started at Mulhouse. Of course, it makes me something to leave this whole team and the orchestra itself because I am at home here. I am well acquainted with the musicians and vice-versa. What are the working conditions very challenging as I deal with regret. However, I know that the orchestra will be in good hands during my absence, and that it will continue to evolve artistically in the course of the next season.”

“The musicians will know other leaders and other ways of doing things during my absence. There is not a single truth in music, but the truths and the musicians will be enriched. Who knows, in the back, if I’m not going to find a band more flexible and even better than at the time of the exit?”

The other object of concern to the music director: the financial health of the orchestra, inevitable line of development to come. “We are in an important period of reflection to management, who must find ways to ensure a brighter future for the OSTR. I know that the board of directors works very hard to devise formulas that will encourage more patronage of local. The future lies in the support of financial partners, from the government, but also businesses and the public. The survival and development of the orchestra depend on very seriously of this participation. I believe that the OSTR has an important role to play in the region and I hope that the business community and the public will come together to give us the wings to continue.”

Despite the constant financial fragility of an orchestra of the size of the OSTR, it is assumed that Jacques Lacombe will be back in a year. One example is his use of time, planned two years in advance, which brings him back to the pulpit of the OSTR next year. “We even already filed an outline of a programming until 2020. We will see at the end of the summer and fall which will be the means by which we will have to establish the final programming of the season 2019-2020.”

Anyway, the chief will leave on a happy note, a concert that touches a chord and one of its specialities: the opera. “My name, and my culture, I am called to lead a lot of French operas. Moreover, I will discuss Faust back to Berlin in a month. It is a work that I very much directed by, and that is one of the great works of the operatic repertoire in france.”

“An opera, it is always a question of timing. It takes the votes of specific, adapted to the roles that are available at a good price. If I can find a young singer ready to tackle the role that we seek and that is available to come to the break here, before you go and do it in New York or Paris, this is the winning formula. This is the case of our soloist this week, Jean-Michel Richer, who will sing his first Faust. The baritone who sings Valentine’s day is a Korean who occurs for the first time in Canada. It is always a question of finding the right singers for the opera that I want to do or find the right opera-based singers who are available.”

“Since I do music as a little singer or as a pianist accompanist to classes of singing, I developed an affection for the song and the opera. The voice has always accompanied me in my journey: I’ve done more than a hundred operas. I have been doing for I don’t know how many years a career as a symphonic conductor, and as an opera conductor. I like to do two that, I find, feed on one another.”

For the season he has developed as a way of remembering our good memories in the course of the next year, it is estimated to be the image of what he has done with the OSTR for the past twelve years. “This is a season that I think is fairly original which is nothing new for us because this programming is original for a long time, but I would also say that it is a brilliant season in many ways with works such as The Planets, Carmina Burana and a concert dedicated to film music. At the same time, there is substance with the concerts devoted to the complete piano Concertos of Beethoven. It is always a balance that I sought to introduce for years by offering things that the public likes to hear, and discoveries.”

“Example quite eloquent, I think of the concerto for harmonica of Denis Lessard astronote that I included in the opening concert of the season To the borders of the cosmos with Star Wars: Suite and The Planets of Holst.”

To be noted, moreover, that Jacques Lacombe will today be the subject of a great honour as he will receive in Three-Rivers, the medal of the Lieutenant-Governor of Québec for exceptional merit.


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