Trudeau speaks of openness and tolerance to New York

Trudeau parle d’ouverture et de tolérance à New York

NEW YORK — The prime minister Justin Trudeau has started Wednesday a tour in promotion of free trade in the United States, but his stay began with a message of openness and tolerance launched in the new graduates of the University of New York.

While it could be the last week to arrive in 2018 to an agreement on a new free trade Agreement north american (NAFTA), Mr. Trudeau has initiated this three-day visit by delivering a speech to the University of New York at the stadium of the Yankees.

This is the second time this year that Mr. Trudeau is aimed at american students. In February, he had said to students of the University of Chicago that the end of the NAFTA would hurt millions of Americans. This is the 15th visit of Justin Trudeau in the United States since he became prime minister in 2015, and this is his 10th stay since Donald Trump was elected president, 15 months ago, threatening to tear up the trade agreement.

But when the convocation of the University of New York, at the legendary stadium of the Yankees, Wednesday morning, Mr. Trudeau has, instead, asked to these 10 000 young men and women respect those who do not think like them or who are different, and to initiate dialogue with those who do not agree with their points of view. It has been argued that some points of view will never be valid, such as female genital mutilation or the climatoscepticisme.

Fight against the politics of identity

The canadian prime minister has also encouraged these young people to play a leading role in the fight against nationalism and the politics of identity, that make the world a much more complex, according to him. Sheltered from downpours to incessant under a sea of colorful umbrellas, the new graduates have received this speech with enthusiasm.

“The leadership that we need today, and in the next few years, is a leadership that brings people together”, said prime minister Trudeau. “It is the antithesis of polarization, nationalism, violent, and identity politics that are so common lately”, he added.

Justin Trudeau is well guarded name the u.s. president or other world leader during his speech which seemed to be the kind of rhetoric in populist popular by Donald Trump.

One in five students among the 50 000 registered at the University of New York originate from outside of the United States. A public-to-measure to accommodate the canadian prime minister. Christopher Hearn, the presenter student who opened the ceremony was the director of the diversity student association and the co-director of the centre for diversity of the University of New York.

Following a practice familiar to the prime minister Trudeau, Christopher Hearn began his speech by highlighting the fact that the Yankees Stadium was built on a territory which formerly belonged to Aboriginal people. Is called a descendant of slaves, the young man has paid tribute to his ancestors who have lived in bondage.

Justin Trudeau received an honorary degree from the University of New York, his second since he became prime minister — he had received the first in July at the University of Edinburgh, Scotland.

Three days of meetings

Following his speech, the prime minister began his economic mission by meeting with managers of international pension funds and officers of the management company BlackRock in the company of the president of the Bank of the infrastructure of Canada’s Janice Fukakusa.

During this three-day visit to the United States, the prime minister will also meet scientists and investors. Mr. Trudeau has also met Wednesday with several leaders of large american companies, including PepsiCo and Honeywell. He must give a speech Thursday to the economic Club of New York, and participate Friday at the conference Solve, at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), in Cambridge, near Boston.

Because of the difficulties faced by international investors in Canada, especially in the field of energy with the opposition faced by major projects like the pipeline, Trans Mountain, the government must stimulate investment in the framework of its foreign policy.

Justin Trudeau has noted that Canada is currently the only G7 country that has trade agreements with each of the other member States. Information that elicited applause around the table.

Earlier this week, the prime minister spoke on the phone with the president, Donald Trump about the free trade Agreement north american (NAFTA). A conversation in which he mentioned the president Trump that a deal is possible, but only if the United States relax some of their demands.


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