The youth wing of the Block dropped Ouellet

L’aile jeunesse du Bloc largue Ouellet

OTTAWA — A new tile down on Martine Ouellet. Two weeks before the vote of confidence that awaits it, it is done drop by the Forum jeunesse du Bloc québécois, who considers the chief as an obstacle to a return of the forces for independence on the federal scene.

“We loved Martine Ouellet. At the level of ideas, it is in the same place on the vast majority of things, but it is at the leadership level, where there is a problem”, stated in interview the president of the Forum jeunesse du Bloc québécois, Camille Goyette-Gingras.

“There is no intention of gathering together”, she regretted to the end of the wire.

It cites some of the factors that have tipped the balance the speech vindictive “little appreciated by our delegates,” Martine Ouellet against the seven deputies who have resigned, last April, and the serial resignations within the executive of the party.

The last in the running to have decided to throw in the towel is the treasurer of the party, Jules Gagné, who has handed in his resignation on Wednesday.

“Among the roles of a party leader, there is one that is fundamental : maintain cohesion within the party. You have clearly not succeeded”, he wrote in his missive to the intention of the “Martine”, he has found really great in terms of ideas and political communication

The one who is said to have “responded to the call of Mario [Beaulieu]” the post said to have composed “with a financial management was deficient, and then with staff changes very frequent attacks, and almost continuous with the deputies”.

But for the youth Forum, the turning point, however, has been the decision of Mario Beaulieu, to abandon the one in which he was an ally of the first hour — last Wednesday, the mp has announced that he remained in the Bloc québécois, but to better knock out the leader.

“The withdrawal of his support to Martine, it has had an impact still important for us, because we have been with Mario as soon as it is launched to the chiefs in 2014; it is close to for a long time. So it is sure that it touched us,” said Camille Goyette-Gingras.

“It remains”

The press secretary of Ms. Ouellet said Wednesday that this latest snub only started it nothing to do with the determination of the chief to stay in the saddle. “It remains,” wrote Antoni Gilbert in an exchange of text messages.

The leader bloquiste contested has declined the interview request from The canadian Press. “Unfortunately! Unavailable. Only [mp] Marilène Gill is available”, has been argued by the press secretary of Martine Ouellet, who was in the national Assembly, Wednesday.

For their part, the young bloquistes hope that will cease at last of the sufferings bloquistes. “The crisis […] is seen by the citizens of Québec who are watching us, doubtful”, he regretted Ms. Goyette-Gingras in the press release announcing the withdrawal of support of the youth Forum.

Because a year and a half of the federal ballot, the training must regroup. “A return to the unity of the forces for independence of the federal scene is always possible,” but it “requires the departure of Martine Ouellet in the direction of the Bloc québécois”, believes the youth Forum.

The youth wing therefore tends an olive branch to the seven elected officials who have slammed the door, and founded the new party Quebec standing. “We think that there should be only one independence party”, argued Ms. Goyette-Gingras.

“I believe that these are pro-independence; moreover, they say the be. I think it is true. This is a point of consensus on which we can work,” she said, noting that no contact has yet been established, but that she “would love to[t] there soon”.

In Quebec standing up, you did not want to comment on this new twist in the saga to the Bloc québécois, was served Wednesday, the press secretary of the incipient formation, Mathieu Renaud St-Amand.

It is expected that Martine Ouellet to submit to a confidence vote, which will be held electronically and by phone on June 1st and 2nd. The result of this consultation with members must be announced on the 3rd of June.

The Bloc québécois, we looked forward to Wednesday’s return to the fold of the former director-general of the party, Stevens Héroux, who will serve as deputy director general responsible for liaison with the governing bodies and the members of the party.

It comes in replacement of Mireille Larouche, who has left his post “after you have made a considerable effort in the service of the Bloc québécois and the Quebec independence”, reads a press release attributed to Gilbert Paquette, vice-president and acting executive director.


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