Objectives at the antipodes

Des objectifs aux antipodes

THREE-RIVERS — season 2018 world Cup of canoe-kayak sprint opens this weekend at Sgezed, in Hungary, with goals diametrically opposed to the rowers of the region having been awarded a place on the national team.

While Laurence Vincent-Lapointe is trying to use this international venue to prepare for the defence of his titles at the world Championships, later this summer, Anne-Sophie Lavoie-Parent will try as best she can to impress the leaders of Canoe-kayak Canada.

For Vincent-Lapointe, his participation at the World championships is already assured by virtue of his victories of last year. “As his involvement is already in your pocket, it does not have the stress to perform, at any price. This is a big advantage. The world Cup will further enable him to see where she stands compared to others,” says his coach at the Club de canoe-kayak Trois-Rivières, Mathieu Pelletier.

In contrast, Lavoie-Parent will have a lot to gain in Hungary. At 19 years old, she will first attempt to put the experience in the bank on the international scene, with the senior citizens. With good results the) could open the doors to the World senior and World junior and U23 this summer.

“For her, it is a little difficult to C1 at the U23, because it needs to stay ahead of Katie Vincent (vice-world champion and senior world champion in C2 senior with Laurence Vincent-Lapointe). We do not think the remove this year. However, with good performance, it may be reinstated in the process for the selections of boats team. She had been discarded after the training camp in winter. Then, she has had good results in the first national trials. But even if it was well done, it seems not enough to be reinstated in the boats of team for the moment. It is a bit frustrating for her…”

Des objectifs aux antipodes

Laurence Vincent-Lapointe

Photo Andréanne Lemire

On his side, the olympian of Rio 2016 Andréanne Langlois was forced to forfeit for this world Cup.

In paracanoë, the door-colors of the canoe Club of Shawinigan Mathieu St-Pierre will continue his acclimation to the world-class. Last year, he had taken part in a slice of the world Cup.

Second national trials
While the world’s elite will be at work on the other side of the Atlantic, several rowers of the CKTR will participate in the second tranche of the national trials this weekend on the side of Dartmouth, Nova Scotia.

The group of 18 rowers, Vincent Jourdenais certainly has the most to gain. The kayaker had been impressive in its first trials, in April, narrowly missed his invitation to the senior national team for the first world Cup. With good results this weekend, the protégé of Mathieu Pelletier, who is always age U23, could win an invitation with the canadian training for the rest of the international season.

“After the first practice, it was the next to be appointed to go into the world Cup. He even went to training with the national team. It is certainly in the plans. For the second test, he must do the best you can to get to make his place.”

Des objectifs aux antipodes

Anne-Sophie Lavoie-Parent.

Photo Olivier Croteau

Also Jourdenais, CKTR will also be developed on Marc-Alexandre Gagnon, Charles-Antoine Girouard, Maxence Beauchesne, Victor Désaulniers, Dominik Ridge, Olivier Courchesne, Laurent Lavigne, Alec Myles, Alexis St-Jean and Alexander Martin in a kayak. In women, the kayakers Keisha Tomasik, Léanne Gilbert, Arianne Dessureault and Alexanne Morin will start. The canoeists Édouard Beaumier, Vincent Tremblay-Cadotte and Charles Croteau complement the portrait.

As the kayaker, Alexis Gélinas, will be the sole representative of the canoe Club of Shawinigan to take part in the competition.


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