Ms. Bruneau candidate

Jacynthe Bruneau candidate

SHAWINIGAN — Ms. Bruneau, a nurse, Shawinigan, wants to become the candidate of the Parti québécois in the electoral division of Laviolette, Saint-Maurice.

Ms. Bruneau is vice-president for the sector of Nicolet-Bécancour-Yamaska Union care professionals (FIQ). Joined by The Novelist, she confirmed the information that was circulating within the party.

“I have a lot of interest for the Parti québécois. It has always been my political allegiance. Next week, there should be an announcement regarding my intentions. But it is in that direction that it is moving. I would like to be candidate for the Parti québécois in the next election,” says Ms. Bruneau.

It is the desire to offer his contribution to the society, which encourages Ms. Bruneau his candidacy for the PQ.

“There are issues in the county. Everything that is health, status of women, the social field, there are many issues on which there is a possibility of working,” lists Ms. Bruneau, who believes that his desire to make the policy active is part of what she does as a member of a trade union executive.

Ms. Bruneau is not clear if other people will be standing for the inauguration of the parti québecois in Laviolette-Saint-Maurice. It will be in the race if there ever was a fight to represent the party in the election.

Some time ago, Luc Trudel has announced that he is thinking seriously of the possibility of return to active politics. The former member of parliament for Saint-Maurice is still at this stage. “My approach is not complete. I have a series of items to check, including at a personal level,” Mr. Trudel, indicating that the presence of another candidate is not a determining factor in his thinking.

Richard Perreault, president of the Association pq of this district, expects that the decision is coming soon.

“He thinks to know what he is doing. We will all find out at the press conference next week,” says Dr. Perreault.

Mr. Trudel is not as convinced that his decision will be announced in a few days. “I did not give me time. But if there is a date of investiture in the short term, it will eventually put a period to my period of reflection.”


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