Income tax return single: Leitao will send a letter to the federal “very soon”

Déclaration de revenus unique: Leitao enverra une lettre au fédéral «très bientôt»

The minister of Finance Carlos Leitao will send “very soon,” a letter to the federal government to request that the Quebec perceives only the federal income tax, and this despite the reluctance of the Trudeau government.

The parliamentarians unanimously adopted in the beginning of the week a motion to the effect that only one tax return is filled by Quebecers, who should complete two, while preserving the fiscal autonomy of Quebec.

The conservative Party and the New democratic party are also in favour of the quebec taxpayers fill only one income tax return. The leader of the conservatives Andrew Scheer had revived the idea of the end of last week at a congress of the PCC in St-Hyacinthe. Philippe Couillard had immediately supported the proposal.

The liberals of Justin Trudeau, however, are not warm to the idea. The canadian prime minister feared, including job losses, to the Canada revenue Agency, primarily in the offices of Shawinigan and Jonquière.

The minister Leitao recalled that the case was complex and that Quebec had to be careful to harmonize its system with that of the federal government. It considers, however, that there is a certain “openness” to Ottawa, to consider the application of Québec.

On the potential job losses at the Canada revenue Agency, Mr. Leitao said that”before arriving at such a result or such a finding, there is a path that must be travelled”.

The Coalition avenir Québec believes that prime minister Trudeau must be evidence of “lucidity” and “revise its decision”.

“There is a motion that was adopted unanimously in the national Assembly for a report of single tax […], then I think Mr. Trudeau should move back to its position,” said Simon Jolin-Barrette.

The member for Borduas do not think that this measure would result in job losses in Quebec.

“It is believed that the federal government will be able to find work for people who are in Jonquière and Shawinigan. It is not worried,” he said.

The CAQ believes that the resources in place to Revenu Québec are sufficient to treat a single income. In other words, no hiring would be necessary to meet the demand.


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