Gasoline prices: Lisée attack the liberal government

Prix de l'essence: Lisée attaque le gouvernement libéral

The sudden increase in the price at the pump has to react, the leader of the official opposition, Jean-François Lisée, on Wednesday, during the question period.

Denouncing an increase of 14 cents in the price of gasoline in a single night occurred recently, Mr. Lisée has accused the government of not doing enough to protect quebec consumers and to ensure “true competition” that would “lower the price”.

“Rather than weaken the State by cutting taxes and taxation”, the prime minister should take care that the pump price is “fair” for Quebecers, ” said Mr. Lisée.

“We have often been asked the question to the government : how is it that for the past 15 years, the liberal government has been unable to accompany the consumer when things as amazing as this occur?” he asked.

Philippe Couillard was quick to say that his government was proud to have reduced the tax burden of Quebecers.

To the question of Mr. Lisée, the prime minister responded with another question : “When it says “accompany”, is what he means subsidize gasoline for Quebec? That is, in an independent country that would be Quebec, hypothetically, this is what would happen, it would give a check to people to buy gasoline?”-he said.

For Mr. Couillard, the increase in the price of a litre should send a signal to consumers “to ask the gesture of a true economic nationalism”.

“Let’s stop sending our money overseas to fill our tank, let’s keep it in Quebec to charge our battery, this is how we are going to grow Quebec, defended Mr. Couillard, extolling the commitment of the liberals in the promotion of electric vehicles.


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