Barrette said to have never been in favour of the abolition of the Commissioner to the health

Barrette dit n’avoir jamais été en faveur de l’abolition du Commissaire à la santé

The minister of Health, Gaétan Barrette, said Thursday that he had never been in favour of the abolition of the post of Commissioner for the health and well-being (CSBE), what does not believe at all the mp solidaire Amir Khadir.

In the media scrum in the wake of the cancellation of the article abolishing the post of CSBE in the draft law 150, on Thursday morning, the minister Barrette explained that there had been “a committee of revision programs that has ensured that decisions have been taken”.

“This decision [to abolish the CSBE] has been in some way imposed by the circumstances. I’ve never been in favor of the thing. I have made representations to the effect that it had to come back,” said the minister, adding that since “the margins of manoeuvre are now at the rendezvous, it brings him back”.

The minister, however, remained mute as to the real intentions of his government to make the CSBE operational again. No details on when it will be, and that its budget will be restored. Clarification that his press attaché, Catherine W. Audet, had not wanted to give to the Sun on Wednesday evening, suffice to say that “the details will come in time and place”.

On Twitter, Wednesday, mna Diane Lamarre, who attributed to the insistence of his party for the cancellation of the article abolishing the CSBE, has promised the return of the organization, its mandate and its budget “as soon as the election of the PQ”.

An “ill-considered decision”

The member Amir Khadir, for his part, said on Thursday that he did not believe that the minister Barrette was opposed to the abolition of the CSBE. “It was a decision ill-considered, irresponsible, the usual image of the minister Barrette, who has now been forced back, and pretend that it is he himself who has made representations [to the government to return the CSBE]. I don’t believe a word”, said Amir Khadir.

The government Couillard announced the suspension of the activities of CSBE in march 2016, at the tabling of the budget. The mission of the organization, which has issued dozens of critical reports on the health network and the annual budget amounted to $ 2.5 million, had been entrusted to the Institut national d’excellence en santé et en services sociaux.

The decision to abolish the CSBE had been widely denounced, many saw it as a willingness to muzzle any criticism.


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