At the confluence of art and science

Au confluent de l’art et de la science

THREE-RIVERS — the world of sculpture may seem impenetrable or incomprehensible for common mortals. Yet, a hint of curiosity and openness can lead to some surprising discoveries. The Biennale nationale de sculpture contemporaine (BNSC) provides the public the opportunity to introduce children to the fascinating world of sculptural works.

The title of the 8th edition, Path of the senses – Arts and science, gives a little idea of the diversity and of the diversity that will be put forward during the event which will be held from 22 June to 7 September.

The programming, which emphasizes the 35th anniversary of the event, also proposes to blur the long-standing misconceptions on the hermeticism of the art form, demonstrating to visitors the many forms of the sculptures. Robotics will be in the heart of some of the works that will attract another segment of the population. “It joins many the younger generation that is completely immersed in the new technologies”, explained the director of the BNSC, Lynda Baril. “We have technology that has never before been seen at the level of the sculpture.”

This type of sculpture can also shed light on the quasi scientific as are many artists. “There were various aspects of the technologies that we wanted to deal with and the scientific research behind these projects. The artists have a process of research also joined the sciences,” explained Audrey Labrie, artistic director. Among the proposals is surprising, there is also the work of Annie Thibault, which is to create pieces by growing mushrooms. The result will be presented in the two rooms of the Atelier Silex. “It’s going to grow, wither and regrow throughout the summer. These are two living works,” says Ms. Barrel.

In total, the works of 16 american and canadian artists will be exhibited in nine venues spread over the territory he as well as Montréal, Lévis and Victoriaville. The art Gallery of the park will host Jean-Pierre Gauthier, Giorgia Volpe, Martin Messier, David Clark, Louise Viger and Matthew Shlian, while the work of Diane Landry and Caroline Gagné, will be presented at Centre d’exposition Raymond-Lasnier. The museum Pop, for its part, will propose the work of the Toronto-based Brandon Vickerd. Several satellite events will be on the menu during the beautiful season in Champlain, Trois-Rivières and Saint-Élie-de-Caxton. The complete schedule is available on the website of the BNSC in the

To the memory of Pierre Landry
The sculptor Pierre Landry, who died last week, had been designated the guest of honour of the 8th edition. It is with great sadness that the organization has received the shock of his departure. Moreover, it is with emotion that the director-general highlighted the presence of a new work by renowned sculptor who has been involved for 33 years in the board of directors of the BNSC. “There will be a large retrospective of his work in the autumn, but we wanted to present this new piece “en primeur”, stated Ms. Barrel. This sculpture will be exhibited at the Musée Pierre-Boucher.


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