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NICOLET — “We made it clear that we needed to get people to inhabit and enliven our city centre. We have therefore chosen to take back control of our development, in collaboration with our partners and the business people. Things promised are things due.”

This is how the mayor of Nicolet, Geneviève Dubois, said Wednesday a series of announcements for the city is “alive, beautiful and attractive”.

First, the first phase of the redevelopment of the rue du 12-November and the landscaping of the parking lot will take place this summer, for a total cost of $ 575,000. The Caisse Desjardins de Nicolet will contribute to the construction site to the height of 30 000 dollars while the Fonds eco IGA will provide a sum of $ 25,000.

“This is a super nice project. For several years, we made the choice to stay in the center of the city,” said the director general of the Caisse Desjardins de Nicolet, Richard Isabelle. “This fund aims to finance projects that respond concretely to the realities of the environment and that aim at the valorisation of the environment in a sustainable way,” says the co-owner of marketplace IGA Nicolet, François Arsenault.

The municipal authorities of Nicolet have also taken the opportunity to announce a new support programme which, while continuing the support already granted to industries, adds a component of financial aid to promote, in particular, the acquisition of businesses in the city centre. “We want to encourage the occupancy of commercial premises in the heart of the city”, mentioned the director-general, Pierre Genest.

It was also announced that the City of Nicolet wishes to receive proposals from developers to develop the large vacant land is commonly called the ground Cloutier. These proposals will be received at the branch until 17 August.

The submitted projects will be evaluated under different aspects, including the value of the land advance, the quality of implementation and architectural integration, as well as the quality of the external cladding of the planned buildings, not to mention the quality of the landscaping. This is in addition to, among others, the notions of sustainable development, universal accessibility and the affordability in terms of purchase price.

“The City of Nicolet, as well as several other municipalities, has undergone great transformations in the city centre. Several shops have migrated over to our main artery, the boulevard Louis-Fréchette, leaving us with good challenges for this space. The council was also the concern to take actions consistent durable in time. Not managing the city centre, pop corn making all kinds of actions without a link, and that would be unsustainable in time,” said the mayor.

In addition, it requested that the street from 12-November to become not only a destination for local tourists, but also a living environment attractive to new residents of this neighborhood.

In addition, Geneviève Dubois points out that the old barracks/garage will make way for a new parking eco-friendly close to thirty boxes, including 60 % of green spaces, of which 22 trees to reduce the heat island effect. There will also be a part of artistic by the addition of a mural and possibly a wall of vegetation.

“We believe that the implementation of these projects will drastically change the portrait of our heart of the village. We have sent the clear signal that the city centre is important to us,” she concluded while speaking on the new advisory committee of economic development, which has a dozen members from different types of businesses and industries of the territory.


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