The youth wing of the Bloc Québécois dropped Martine Ouellet

L’aile jeunesse du Bloc Québécois largue Martine Ouellet

OTTAWA – The youth wing of the Bloc withdraws its support to Martine Ouellet, considering that the chief disputed is an obstacle to a return of the forces for independence on the federal political scene.

“This is not a statement that is easy to do. We have always been at his side, but we do not believe that she is part of the solution”, said in a statement Wednesday the president of the Forum jeunesse du Bloc québécois, Camille Goyette-Gingras.

The members of the executive consider that Martine Ouellet, behind which they had pulled upon his arrival as chief, and at the beginning of the crisis, “has not the qualities of gathering the necessary” to get out of this impasse.

The press secretary of the main concerned, Antoni Gilbert, said Wednesday that this latest snub only started it nothing to do with the determination of the chief to stay in the saddle. “It remains,” he wrote in an exchange of text messages on Wednesday.

The president of the youth wing talks about the character annoying commotions bloquistes on the public square. “The crisis does not concern that we, members and activists of the Bloc Québécois. It is seen by the citizens of Québec who are watching us, doubtful”,-she noted.

After having shown that “we are capable of the worst”, it is now necessary to prove that “we are also capable of the best,” argued Ms. Goyette-Gingras. “Let us live up to the expectations of our citizens,” urges one who was a press officer Martine Ouellet in Ottawa.

And about a year and a half of the next federal election, the training of independence cannot afford to have at its head a person whose style of leadership has led to the departure of seven of the 10 mps who had been elected under the banner bloquiste in 2015, suggests the youth wing.

“A return to the unity of the forces for independence of the federal scene is always possible, but it requires the departure of Martine Ouellet in the direction of the Bloc Québécois”, he wrote in the statement released at dawn on Wednesday morning.

The youth wing said that the withdrawal of his support has nothing to do with the ideological orientations that the chief bloquiste defends ardently.

“No one has ever been embarrassed, the youth Forum, to present themselves as activists who believe that independence must be at the centre of our political action and must happen as quickly as possible,” said communications adviser of the instance, Philippe Lavoie.

The output of young people in the Bloc québécois occurs a few days after the former member of parliament and chief bloquiste Michel Gauthier announced that he was aligning himself in the conservative camp in preparation for the next election.

The general council of the conservative Party, last Saturday, in Saint-Hyacinthe, it specified that it would not be a candidate, but it would help those who brigueront the votes for the conservative Party in Quebec.

The former independence leader had described the situation in the Bloc quebecois of “pitiful” and “sad”.

Under the leadership of Martine Ouellet, the political formation has lost 70 percent of his deputation. The seven members who have resigned have formed a new political party called Québec standing.

The long-time ally of the leader, Mario Beaulieu, has announced that he’ll remain a member of the Bloc québécois, but it militerait to slay the leader. It must be submitted to a vote of confidence on June 1st and 2nd.

The result should be announced on the 3rd of June.


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