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Les projecteurs sur Mondou

CHRONICLE / This is the day of the annual general meeting at the Cataracts on Wednesday. The balance sheet of the last 12 months is the order of the day. There were a few elements of pride, as the graduation premature Samuel Girard and the cap reached 100 000 spectators, a brand that makes you dream well in the smaller markets. There was also the disappointment of missing the playoffs, one year after having been surprised in the first round by the Drillers.

After this day, the organization will enter its 50th birthday, a year that promises to be festive with wish.

The activities begin with the draft of the QMJHL at the beginning of June at the Centre Gervais Auto, on the occasion of the Foundation of the QMJHL. Within a week, the region will receive the 18 teams of the plateau. It is over 850 nights that are in the game! From the hotel, the guy who was the most excited at this stage, it is Martin Mondou.

The last few months have not been easy for the director-manager of the oldest franchise in the circuit Courteau. He has always believed that his team was going to sneak in the playoffs, despite the turn youth. The league was weak this year, so it was very optimistic after the last period of the transactions. Let’s be honest: sixteen clubs on 18 make the rounds, need to be poor to miss them! His team has not delivered the goods.

He was obviously eager to leave the wheel. It presents the draft to his supporters with the choice of two first round and three second-round. If his bank of choice remains frozen, his scout-leader Mario Career will inherit the third and 11th selections in total, two very important values for a reconstruction.

To give you an idea, the last time that Cataracts had access to a third choice, they had enlisted a certain Samuel Girard! Good, a guy like the Tornado de Roberval, we see that in the ten years to the draft. But the vintage 2018 is not quilted for many, they will have access to certainly be a player of impact.

After this third choice, it will be necessary to carefully monitor Mondou. He loves the spotlight, he took advantage usually these sessions of selection to achieve bursts. This Saturday morning of 2 June, it will be the veterans in the shop window and her choice of the second round as ammunition to improve his lot. If it is a partner dance, I wouldn’t be surprised if he found a third choice of the first round.

It is a year of Memorial Cup in the QMJHL. With two teams that will go to the great ball of the end of the year, there will always be more buyers on the floor. Behind the scenes, it is also said that the Islanders of Charlottetown listen willingly to tender for their fourth choice in total. It is a gift from the heavens that they have obtained from Val-d’or, in a transaction that curly, there are more than two years! However, aside from this selection, it is pretty thin thanks to the coffers of the Islanders next selection, which encourages them probably to explore the possibility of a step back and talk a little bit more often…

This is the painting. In three weeks, we will know the identity of the players with which Cataracts are going to engage in the next cycle. They have not drafted in the first round since 2015. Their choice at this year, Jocktan Chaîney, has also been sacrificed in the two years of the high performance of the team. It is more than time to inject young talent in training. In 2013, with a bouquet of choice similar to this year, the talent scout-chef Alain Bissonnette had claimed Anthony Beauvillier, James Phelan, Brandon Gignac and Nicholas Welsh in the first two rounds. If Mario Career made the same kind of grocery store on 2 June, the Cataracts will not remain long in the last third of the league!

LNAH: what happens on the palette!

You couldn’t invent it!

While the Draveurs of Trois-Rivières are on the artificial respirator waiting to know whether elected municipal officials will agree to save the team, two of their ex-door-colors have been the great craftsmen of the conquest of the cup by the Éperviers Sorel a few days ago.

The controversial Marco Cousineau has been named the most valuable player in the playoffs, while Kevin Gadoury has finished at the summit of the markers in series.

The first has been kicked out of the locker room he, then, offered as a bonus to the trade deadline in the barter Marc-André Huot/Marco Charpentier.

The second was traded before the season against the retired Jon Mirasty, who has made a grand total of three shifts on the ice before returning to Saskatchewan, where he never returned despite the promises of the organization. What happens on the palette to an opponent, huh!

We can talk long and wide setbacks of Rivermen to the counter. The new orientation of the LNAH has done wrong to the audiences, nobody can deny that. Also true that the market is strong

quota-side hockey. But the main problem of this concession, it is the spectacle on the ice.

It’s been years that this team is fleeced on the transactions market. For the past two years, the performance of the team has been severely affected by this series of exchanges wacky. This is not me who will blame the hockey fans to have deserted the ship in times of storm.

The most reassuring plan, Yves Tremblay, is that it has to offer the guides in the sector hockey in Dean Lygitsakos. The latter not only has admirers in the league, but with him, the team would stop making gifts to his rivals. This is an important first step for an organization that wants to regain its market.

Les projecteurs sur Mondou

Martin and Elliot Mondou share the same passion.


The art of making a name

Nobody will be surprised to learn that Elliot Mondou shares the same passion as his dad. To force to hang out at the arena, the ex-coach of goalkeepers Joel Duguay has been formed to be able to do the job coach video, a post he has held for a couple of seasons.

If this first opportunity stems from his family ties, the young man is doing quite well thank you for a first name on the planet QMJHL. Last year, he was invited to work in the game of the best hopes of the canadian hockey League. These two last spring, after having been ignored by Team

Quebec, he has voluntarily done the work for the formation of Newfoundland to the Challenge of Gatorade.

His work does not go unnoticed. On the evidence, the authorities of the circuit have recommended that the Titan of Acadie-Bathurst, who was looking for a trainer video for the tournament for the Memorial Cup, which begins next Friday. Elliot has obviously accepted the invitation to join the team of Sylvain Couturier for a period of ten days. A golden opportunity for a young man who does not ask better than to make his own way.


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