The candidate of the PQ Muguette Paillé goes off into the storm

La candidate du PQ Muguette Paillé se retire dans la tourmente

Muguette Paillé, whose candidacy for the Parti québécois had been formalized by the chef Jean-François Lisée last week, finally withdrew from the nomination race parti québécois in the riding of Maskinongé, since she reportedly made controversial comments on social media.

This is Mrs. Straw itself, which has made the request, that the party has accepted, in return, confirms Yannick Gregoire, PQ.

It is explained that Muguette Paillé would have had a “misleading use of social networks”. More information was circulating to the effect that the ex-candidate, who was very active on Facebook, had held about islamophobic, among others.

On the blog the author lists dozens of comments of a racist or islamophobic in Ms. Paillé. It would also have built-in groups Facebook of some groups that are considered to ultraconservateurs, islamophobic or xenophobic.

In a comment on Facebook, the former candidate described the prime minister Justin Trudeau a “thief”, “antinationaliste” and “a liar”.

Muguette Paillé was made known during the leaders ‘ debate of the 2011 federal election.

The leader of the Parti québécois, Jean-François Lisée, had announced, when the announcement of her nomination, that she represented the “voice of popular wisdom”.

The team of Mr. Lisée has refused to issue any comment. It confirms, however, that as soon as the party has been put on the scent of the behavior of Ms. Paillé on the social networks, audits have been launched.

The press secretary of Jean-François Lisée did not want to say if these checks had been made prior to the announcement of the nomination of Ms. Paillé.

“I am sad”

During a short interview given to the Nouvelliste, the main concerned has been sparing in his comments. It is also said to be very sad to have had to withdraw. Usually upbeat and dynamic when she talks with the representatives of the media, his tone betrayed that she was very affected by this change.

“I’m sad… What do you want me to tell you? I have both legs sawed”, she simply stated, before clarifying that she had not met with the leader of the Parti québécois, Jean-François Lisée, to inform him of his decision.

The investiture of Ms. Paillé was to take place next Sunday. Furthermore, the association of Muskie was doing the promotion again Tuesday morning on his page Facebook. With Le Nouvelliste


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