Taillefer believes that PKP influence the journalists of Quebecor

Taillefer croit que PKP influence les journalistes de Québecor

MONTREAL – Alexandre Taillefer believes that Pierre Karl Péladeau exercises a “definite influence” on the work done by the journalists and chroniclers of the “Journal de Montréal”.

The president of the electoral campaign of the liberal Party of Quebec (PLQ) has made this statement to the radio station 98.5 FM Wednesday morning.

Pierre Karl Péladeau, the former head of the Parti québécois (PQ), is the controlling shareholder of Quebecor, which owns the Journal de Montréal.

Since he made his entry into politics five days ago, Mr. Taillefer said that 11 chronicles have been written about him in the Journal de Montréal.

Wednesday morning, the recent layoffs made at Teo Taxi, a property of Alexandre Taillefer, a daily.

Mr. Taillefer wondered how it is that an article on a key operational issue for a company to make the cover page of the Journal de Montréal.

When asked if, in his opinion, Pierre Karl Péladeau uses “the media” against the liberal Party of Quebec, the businessman responded that he thought that he had some influence, before specifying a certain influence.

Mr. Taillefer has continued by questioning the impartiality of the journalists of Quebecor. He said that if he was a journalist or a columnist at Journal de Montréal, he would be wondering about its impartiality.

He also said to believe that these journalists receive good pats on the back when records speak for interests that are going to be in favor of the positions of their boss.


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