Social assistance for single-parent families: the minister Blais moves back

Aide sociale chez les familles monoparentales: le ministre Blais recule

The minister François Blais is no longer as certain of that last week to correct the”injustice” concerning single-parent families benefiting from the social assistance program. Or by the “next few weeks” nor at any other time.

He and his government have rejected on Tuesday a resolution presented by the member pq Harold Lebel requesting that “the Quebec act with diligence and fairness in order that the child support payments cease to be treated as income for the parent creditor in the calculation of social assistance benefits, as well as eligibility for legal aid, financial assistance for education and housing support”.

In addition to the Parti québécois, the motion was supported by the Coalition avenir Québec and Québec solidaire.

The wording of the text is similar to the one that had approved all of the elected members of the national Assembly in 2012, including the liberals. All had unanimously denounced an “injustice”.

Last week, the minister François Blais had assured that his government would have a “very specific proposal” immediately. “We could do a little better things in the coming weeks.”

“We are trying to see how we could both come to an exemption and continue to mobilize to the job the young women who are social assistance”, said the holder of the Employment and social Solidarity.

Adoption of the basic income

The door now seems more closed than it was a few days. According to Mr. Blais, the proposal of the deputy Lebel, if it became reality, would providers to join the labour market, and social assistance may become too attractive. He noted that family allowances have increased in recent years and that subsidized child care will be free for those on social assistance, from the month of August.

The opposition parties are calling for the exclusion to the full of child support in the calculation of social assistance benefits to mothers of single-parent family. These support payments reduce their benefits of last resort. Only $ 100 in child support for a child shall not be taken into account in the calculation of the monthly amount of social assistance.

The national Assembly has also unanimously adopted the draft law of the minister François Blais introducing a basic income for those unable to work. Mr. Blais has been warmly applauded by his colleagues and commended by his vis-à-vis the opposition parties for this move.


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