Roger D. Landry leaves the hotel de ville

Roger D. Landry quitte l’hôtel de ville

Three Rivers — It moves to the office of the mayor of Trois-Rivières, Yves Lévesque. The chief of staff for the last twelve years, Roger D. Landry, will leave office this week. It will be at the same time replaced by two former city councillors, René Goyette and André Noël, who will share the duties of chief of staff and director of political relations.

Former president and publisher of The Press, Roger D. Landry was also known as director of public relations for Expo 67 and director of marketing for the Montreal Expos. He had made his official entrance to the city hall after the municipal elections of 2005. “I would like to thank Roger D. Landry, for all these years. He has been an asset to me, for frames. It has helped me to stay the course. Now, there was a political change that was needed and Mr. Landry told me of his intentions after the elections,” says Yves Lévesque.

Mayor Yves Lévesque has announced two new appointments Tuesday. Rene Goyette has been a councillor for the former district of the Madeleine for 26 years, before retiring in the last elections. André Noël, meanwhile, has been a municipal councillor for the district of Carmel for 31 years, but was defeated in the last elections in the face of the current advisor, Pierre Montreuil. René Goyette will serve as director of the cabinet at the rate of two and a half days per week. André Noël, for its part, will be largely responsible for the relationships with elected officials, also at the rate of two and a half days per week.

“Together, they have 57 years of experience in politics. This is not nothing,” said mayor Yves Lévesque, who justifies the fact of having divided the task of the chief of staff in two by the fact that the two men do not wish to work full-time. Suddenly, the City also conducts an economy at the wage level, since the two salaries amount to $ 125,000 ($65,000 for Mr. Goyette, and $ 60,000 for Mr. Christmas), while the salary of Roger D. Landry exceeded 140 000 $ annually.


It will be recalled that the two men had received a leaving allowance and a transition allowance upon their departure from city hall last November. If the first allocation is scheduled in the framework of the Law on cities and towns, the second is also planned in the framework of this law, but left to the discretion of Cities that want to facilitate the transition of former elected officials will be back on the job market when they leave the policy.

Each one of them, because of the many years of seniority, had received the largest allocation of transition 42 844 $, the amount to be paid on a year. However, now that it is the City that the re-employment, the two men will be subject to a probationary period of six months, after six months, if they continue in their functions, they must repay half of this allocation of transition, the six months remaining in the year following the period of time between the municipal election and their re-employment.

For the city councillor François Bélisle, the two new appointments to the office of the mayor arise, however, in a context where the dynamic of the municipal council is in the process of evolving, and he hoped that the political staff of the firm will embark in the boat. “These are former members from the old guard, and I think it will be up to them to adapt to the new dynamic. I hope they will do”, he says.

Moreover, the one who is working on a new draft regulation to increase the salaries of elected officials finds that these appointments come to give some weight to its argument, so that it offers salaries of $ 60,000 and $ 65,000 to two employees policies that will work part-time.


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