Report tax unique: a “trailer” for independence, ” said Lisée

Rapport d'impôts unique: une «bande-annonce» pour l'indépendance, dit Lisée

For the first time, the government of Philippe Couillard calls for the formal introduction of an income tax return single. This project could become a “trailer” for independence, welcomed the pq’s Jean-François Lisée.

At the initiative of the Parti québécois, the members of the government Couillard gave their support Tuesday to a resolution calling for the Quebec and Ottawa to put in place an income tax return is the same for all quebec taxpayers, “while preserving the fiscal autonomy of Quebec”. This unique statement would be transmitted to Revenu Québec.

Yes, such a project, but as far as “we are able to maintain our building, for example, of tax credits, which are different from the tax credits of the federal”, wished to clarify the Québec Finance minister, Carlos Leitão.

“It’s going to save Quebec $ 600 million. A kind of trailer for everything that we are going to save with the independence of Québec”, said the leader of the Parti québécois, Jean-François Lisée.

Just as the parliamentary wing of the liberal, the Coalition avenir Québec and Québec solidaire have supported the resolution of the Parti québécois.

The topic is back in the news this weekend when activists federal conservatives have voted in favour of a declaration of income unique to the quebec taxpayers, a declaration which would be transmitted to Revenu Québec. Quebec would send its share to Ottawa.

On Monday, Philippe Couillard had said to be in agreement with such a project, but it had not gone so far as to claim in Ottawa to move forward in this direction. This is now done with the resolution adopted unanimously by the national Assembly.

The ADQ to Aussant

The folder is often income in the news these past few years. The Action démocratique du Québec was already in favor of a single statement of income in 2006.

In 2010, the Parti québécois of Pauline Marois had regained the ball. The mna Jean-Martin Aussant had proposed to put an end to this “costly duplication”. He had invited the government of Jean Charest to submit a formal offer to the federal government to the Quebec government collects the entire tax on the income of individuals and corporations”. The government of Mr. Charest had refused.

In 2015, the caquiste François Bonnardel was returned to the charge, without more success.

The vote of the liberals, on Tuesday, was indeed a first.


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