Of Kamouraskois resent services in the regional hospitals

Des Kamouraskois s’indignent des services dans les hôpitaux régionaux

Several citizens of the Kamouraska worry about the supply of health care in the region and criticize the centralization of health care in urban centres.

At the invitation of the Parti québécois, the committee of citizens “My care remain here,” called, Tuesday in the national Assembly, concrete commitments of political parties on the question of the provision of care in the region.

“The current situation, it has been created by the formation of the CISSS, the law n° 10 and all that, which has caused problems. One has the impression that in the region, the extremities are deprived of services and care, to ensure that the centre has everything you need, so that it should be the opposite, it should go to the ends of it,” said John Martin, of the committee of citizens.

The members of the group have met on Tuesday representatives of each party in the national Assembly, with the exception of the Coalition avenir Québec. A meeting is however scheduled with the spokespersons in the field of Health, François Paradis, in the next few weeks.

Even if the group kamouraskois had organised a walk last year to maintain the opening of The hospital de la Pocatière and to the minister that the Barrette had said that access to care would be enhanced, Jean Martin admits that today, “nothing is settled”.

“Everything is moving towards a closure subtle of our hospital, [to The Goal]. We are seeing delays that lengthen, to trips that are increasing, which complicates our access to care in the community,” said Mr. Martin.

For the Parti québécois, the centralization of the health system initiated by the government Couillard is a threat to the accessibility of health care in the regions of Quebec.

“It is necessary to reconstruct the regional directorates with a recognition by sub-territory needs and availability of professionals for each of these sub-territories”, commented the spokesperson of the official opposition in matters of Health, Diane Lamarre.

The PQ, as well as the committee for “My care to be here” cry out to the lack of regional coverage, in particular for surgery or to see a specialist physician.

Ms. Lamarre has also said that other découvertures of services in surgery were to be expected this summer.

According to her, the government had poorly negotiated the agreement with the doctors and specialists.

“I call on the minister and the medical federations to tell us what is in the $ 4 billion to the specialists, in the $ 3 billion to family physicians, there are as collateral for the region of Kamouraska, and for the whole of the regions of Quebec, because the care is essential, and they represent a right that the people of all regions of Québec must have,” she said. With The canadian Press


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