Murphy up, Perez down

Murphy en hausse, Perez en baisse

Three-Rivers —At the dawn of the regular schedule, the manager of the Eagles of Trois-Rivières T. J. Stanton has had a few positive responses on the mound as well as a question mark, on Tuesday afternoon, in a reversal of 4-3 to the Champions in Ottawa.

While Chris Murphy, Shaun Ellis and Philip Walby have well guided during eight innings of this preparatory meeting, Pete Perez has not had the same success as his teammates. In a small round of work, the American 27-year-old has experienced quite a lot of problems with control of his shots, generously giving three points to the opponent. “He had a lot of difficulty with the grip area. In a league like ours, it doesn’t forgive. He’s going to have to be better.”

On the other hand, Stanton was delighted with the performance of Murphy. Last year, the right-handed 25-year-old had known many troubles in his first steps in the League and Can-Am. It had also been proven by the death of her mother in the course of the year. “He gave seven hits, almost all singles. It has launched a lot of takes. He was sharp today,” says the manager of the Eagles, who hope that this second chance for Murphy will pay.

In the chapter of happy discovery, Stanton also noted the performance of the newcomers Alexi Colon and Sam Dexter. While the outfielder Colon impresses with the quality of its contact with the plate, the young shortstop Dexter proves that he is able to deliver the goods to the before-field. “Colon, it is a nice surprise to see it hit as hard in every game,” noted the manager about the favorite to inherit the job hub of the first batter. “As for Dexter, he plays with confidence. In addition, he has slammed a double today. It bodes well.”

Launch in Ottawa
The manager T. J. Stanton has until Thursday to submit his final roster to the League leaders and Can-Am for the start of the regular season. The kick off for the Eagles will be held Friday night in Ottawa, as the curtain rises in a series of three games against the Champions. Then the Birds will compete in two matches for Sussex in the face of the Miners before returning to the fold for the opener, may 25, in the face of the Boulders of Rockland.

The Eagles have returned to their former right fielder Steve Brown, Tuesday in Ottawa. The ex-darling of the supporters trifluviens will play a second campaign with the Champions… The Eagles have confirmed that the 54 local parties, nine parties in Quebec, as well as all playoff games will be broadcast on the radio CFOU 89,1 FM…


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