Merger between distributors of office furniture of the province

Fusion entre des distributeurs de mobilier de bureau de la province

A group distribution of office furniture sees the light of day in the province, in order to be more competitive. The owner of MAB Profile of Quebec has invested approximately $ 3 million to acquire or partner with three other distributors of Laval, Sherbrooke and Trois-Rivières. The six offices of the merged company will be known as EMBLM.

“We see a lot in the field of business, whether it be in distribution or in manufacturing, a trend that is quite heavy to business combinations, mergers or acquisitions, which makes players more important in almost each of the sectors,” explains the president of EMBLM (pronounced “emblem”), Patrick Morissette.

This however, was not yet the case in the distribution of office furniture in Quebec, ” says the one who started it about 15 months and this consolidation process. So he chose to act before another company does so before him. “Instead of being subjected to it, it may be better to be proactive and be the leader.”

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The other companies who join MAB Profile (Québec city, Lévis and Saint-Georges de Beauce) doing business in the eastern Townships (WDL Sherbrooke), in the Mauricie and Centre-du-Québec (Buromax to Trois-Rivières) and in the region of montreal, (Solutions Zoom in Laval).

“On the marketing plan, whether on signs, trucks, etc, we will all migrate to EMBLM fast enough.” The other names will disappear.

“We offer a service of proximity for the major part of the territory of québec, which gives us a real competitive advantage,” said Mr Morissette, who wishes to be “up to the rank of major industry players”. As many customers now have branches in several regions, the fact of being able to do business with the same distributor for their projects is an asset.

“We often see that organizations want to have a corporate image a little homogeneous. That falls at Desjardins in Québec, or in the Beauce or the Saguenay, it goes a little similar, without being identical. Work on having a partner-provider, as EMBLM, who knows their vision, it allows you to have a thread that is more uniform, for an example there.

In addition to Desjardins, the group’s customers are as Pomerleau, Canam Group, Université Laval, the Université de Sherbrooke and Marmen.

Have several offices in the territory will provide a better service to the followed in everyday life. The company is the link between the supplier, the professional and the client. “I say a little joke we sell office furniture, by default, because the high-value-added it is to work in collaboration with the client, the professionals, who are architects and designers, to build a solution, create it, build it.”

Being a big player, EMBLM believes it can make gains in terms of costs and delivery deadlines, in addition to offering some exclusive products. Employees — it should not be large movements of personnel or loss of employment — will also have access to more attractive career prospects.

“Significant growth is envisaged from the side of the Montreal metro, given the demographic weight. But we will maintain our active presence in all markets,” says Morissette. Currently, Quebec is the main office.

And the group could still grow. “Even if this is not an ultimate goal at the time when I speak to you, the door is not closed if there are other opportunities to enlarge the family.”

EMBLM currently has approximately 90 professionals. It does business “to 98 %” with suppliers quebecers or canadians, to “create wealth in our own environment,” he concludes.


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