Khadir tries a double on immigration

Khadir tente un doublé sur l'immigration

The solidaire Amir Khadir says that the “values test” of a possible government of the Coalition avenir Québec would be detrimental to some workers among the worst off in society, those of temporary employment agencies.

For months, the liberal Philippe Couillard and the pq’s Jean-François Lisée pourfendent what they describe as a “test of deportation”, that is, the examination of several components that the Coalition avenir Quebec would administer to new immigrants. Mr. Couillard has yet to be given from this side Monday in front of the Chamber of commerce and industry of Quebec and Tuesday in Montreal, just as Mr. Lisée to the national Assembly.

Amir Khadir has somehow made a one-two punch in denouncing both this test and the low protection accorded according to him, the draft law on labour standards for workers at temporary help agencies. The public hearings on this bill presented in march began on Tuesday.

“The test values of François Legault is going to put workers and immigrant workers in situations even more precarious, believes the member of parliament for Mercier. It is already difficult to find a job, imagine the effects of additional stresses.”

The bill of the minister Dominique Vien provides that the agencies, personnel placement and recruitment agencies, temporary foreign workers are required to have a permit from the Commission standards, of fairness, of the health and safety of the work. The agencies of the first category and their client companies will be “jointly and severally liable” of financial obligations in respect of the employees. For those in the second category, the draft law specifies that the employer of foreign workers will be allowed to keep their personal documents such as passport.

If the bill is passed, this will be the first time that such agencies are framed in Quebec.

For Mr. Khadir, it should, however, go much further in ensuring that at the end of a certain time, for example three months, these workers of agency, often people from elsewhere, become employees of the company in which they are called to work.

That the “recalcitrant”

Reminder: the elements on which is based the test of the values of the CAQ are the following: immigrants over which Quebec has jurisdiction would be welcomed to “conditionally” for three years. At the end of this period, they should pass an exam based on three criteria: “knowledge of French” and the “knowledge of quebec values” enshrined in the quebec Charter of rights and freedoms of the person. Their “steps to employment” would also be taken into account, as indicated in The Sun in mid-march.

The candidate missing the test would have a year to take it again. After another failure, he would be deprived of the certificate of selection issued by the government of Quebec. He could not obtain canadian citizenship.

The CAQ has already argued that only “recalcitrant” would be affected by this measure.

Remember also that newcomers who do not speak the French language would have the obligation to follow courses in French and that the party of François Legault would lower from 50 000 to 40 000 the number of new immigrants in Quebec by year.


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