It is left for the construction site of the colosseum

C’est parti pour le chantier du colisée

THREE-RIVERS — the site of The future coliseum city to the District 55 is officially started. The machinery arrived on the site Tuesday morning to begin the work of preparing the soil, to prepare the ground for the installation of the piles in the coming weeks.

“There it is, it starts”, launched by the mayor of Trois-Rivières, Yves Lévesque, obviously very pleased to see the work begin, finally.

For the moment, the machinery is preparing the ground, and so remove the plant and then proceed with the preparation of the surface. Moreover, the City will have recourse, for this operation, with the land recovered by the machinery used to clean the streets in spring, a substance that would normally be sent to the dump but that may be recovered for the compaction of the soil.

“With that, we will realize a savings of $ 400,000 over two years, which was referred to in the tender”, says the mayor of Trois-Rivières.

Once the soil is prepared, the contractor may proceed with the installation of the piles in anticipation of the construction of the foundations of the building.

Recall that the contract awarded for the construction of the colosseum amounted to 49.2 million$ excluding taxes. Of this amount,$ 26.8 Million has been funded by a grant from the provincial government. The opening of the new colosseum is scheduled for the winter of 2019.


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