In the shadow of the prison

À l’ombre de la prison

TROIS-RIVIERES — FestiVoix is forced to constantly innovate. We convened the press Tuesday to announce the creation of a new stage in 2018. It will have the name of the stage of the Voice-acoustic and will be located in the courtyard of the old jail, attached to the Museum, POP on the rue Hart.

It will provide an extremely varied programme in a formula in acoustics. In addition, as the shows will be presented at 17 am, the some 400 spectators will be able to eat and drink. The scene is associated with the Hole of the Devil, who will offer its products so that the common Bawdy-House will ensure the restoration with BBQ dishes and summer-oriented seasonal vegetables.

The eclecticism of the programming is not in doubt. One will find, in order of presentation, Michel Pagliaro, King Melrose, Brothers Lemay, Daran, Pépé and his guitar, the Gypsy Kumbia Orchestra, Alyosha, Nicolas Pellerin, and the Great howler of even that) Paule Landry in a tribute to Edith Piaf.

The director-general of the FestiVoix Thomas Gregory spoke of intimacy to present this new scene and the first impressions suggest precisely this idea. “These are ideal conditions to create an intimacy and a proximity of the spectators with the artists in a very special environment back to our development of the heritage sites of the city. The place is well known to the general public, but we think we can develop something that’s extremely enjoyable.”

“We will not hide that it is also a way to reduce congestion in the park of the Ursulines at supper time where we approach the limit of our ability to host some nights. It is believed that this will work but as this is a first year, we will see what will be the response from the public. The scene is still here to stay because the place is magical and we think that we can do something really well.”

“We hope of course that people will take ownership of it and if the results are not what you want in the first year, we will look at what to focus on. The idea is to offer a varied program to create a magic to suit the tastes of a diverse clientele. It is for that reason that we offer as well a brass band gypsy music stripped like this that made Daran. We will thus be able to accommodate different audiences every night.” The scene will be accessible to passport holders of the FestiVoix.

On the side of the Museum POP, we are looking forward to this collaboration which would enable the public to combine a visit to the museum and music in the late afternoon. “We are so fortunate to have a heritage site of this quality, it would be silly not to enjoy it to the full”, commented the director Valérie Therrien. Moreover, what is there more typical of the popular culture that summer festivals? It even seems to me that it could be the subject of a great exhibition in the future.”

Negotiations with the Museum POP started a year ago by an approach to the FestiVoix. The first idea for Thomas Gregory was to install a stage on the roof of the Museum, a project daring, original, and very intriguing, which was abandoned when it was found the presence of large and noisy ventilation ducts on the roof of the Museum. It remains that Gregory maintains that the idea of a scene on a rooftop with a view of the city would be an interesting addition to the event, if there is a roof to do this.

Taking advantage of the presence of the media, it has also lifted the veil on the programming of other scenes, including that of the Voice of classic the House of the culture. Slight change of course on this side then we will expand the mandate to classical music in general. You will be able to hear the vocal quartet Quartom, Valérie Milot with his show of solo harp, electric and acoustic, baroque music of all Dreams, the soprano Caroline Gélinas, Révélation Radio-Canada 2017-2018 and the pianist nicolétain Jean-Michel Blais, whose reputation continues to grow on a global scale.

For the stage located at the parc des Ursulines, she will see a succession of Blues Jar, They call me Rico, Rafael Zaldivar (tribute to the Buena Vista Socal Club), Andrea Lindsay, Chet Doxas, Sax Machine, Stéphane Wrembel, Fabiola Toupin, in a show devoted to jazz, mediterranean and Claude Bolduc with his show I jazz in French.


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