“I was due for a good news!”

«J’étais dû pour une bonne nouvelle!»

Three-Rivers — The prayers of Mikaël Zewski have been answered.

Four days to his next fight, He has learned that the belt WBC international 147 lbs will be the challenge Saturday in Toronto. Currently ranked 23rd by the WBC, a victory in the face of Diego Gonzalo Luque (21-5, 10 K.-O.) should logically allow him to reach the top 15, where he would become eligible for a world championship fight.

The athlete for 29 years waiting for this opportunity since his only defeat in career in 2015 in the face Konstantin Ponomarev. Since then, he has won his last four fights, which inflated his record to 30 wins since its passage in the pros. “My manager (Cameron Dunkin) has managed to pull a rabbit out of his hat. Luckily, I was due for a good news! Honestly, I no longer believed really, there was so little time before the fight. This is a great additional source of motivation,” says Zewski. “This is probably the title minor the most prestigious of the business. It opens doors. This is what I need. I so look forward to Saturday!”

Zewski, however, must actually work hard in the meantime. As there was no belt provided, it enlignait to fight at 150 pounds. The game plan has changed, it may not exceed the limit of 147 at the weigh-in Friday morning. “It complicates things a bit, I’m going to have to suffer a little more. But hey, I’m certainly not complaining, it’s for a very good cause. I get to make the weight,” he says.

Another complication is that the duel is in ontario, where the authorities are more strict. Like his opponent, Zewski will have to submit to a second weigh-in the day of battle. “The weight will be different from the day before, I will be able to be a little more heavy. But not as heavy as my usual. Normally, I mount on the ring at 163 pounds, this is going to be lowest of several books. Let’s say that there is an adjustment on this side, it’ll have to be careful.”

Zewski left for Toronto with his team on Thursday. He is excited to find himself in the atmosphere of the gala. “It becomes an evening that is very important for me. The excitement comes from moving up a big notch.”


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