Bécancour, Quebec raised its stake in IFFCO to more than 15 million

Bécancour: Québec porte sa participation dans IFFCO à plus de 15 millions

The project of the factory of urea from the cooperative indian promised to the industrial park of Bécancour, we are talking about since 2012, and advance at a snail’s pace. This does not prevent the government of Québec to support the company by adding 4.75 million dollars, bringing to more than 15 million of his participation.

The first intervention of the 5 million in the share capital of IFFCO Canada has been the subject of a government decree in August 2012. The following two are, respectively, 6 and 4.75 million, from the Fonds de diversification économique (FDE) of the Centre-du-Québec and Mauricie, a fund was set up following the closure of the Gentilly. This fund, like the EDF, within the ministry of the Economy, Science and Innovation (MESI).

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