Quebec ready to collect the taxes of the federal

Québec prêt à prélever  les impôts du fédéral

Quebec is ready to take off taxes to the federal through a single tax return.

The prime minister Philippe Couillard has welcomed Monday the proposal of the conservative Party (PCC) Andrew Scheer, who wants to establish a single report income tax in Quebec if they form the government, rather than the two that quebec taxpayers must complete currently. This commitment by the PCC is part of an offensive of seduction aimed at Quebec and launched in the last general council, in Saint-Hyacinthe.

In a press briefing Monday afternoon, Mr. Couillard said that Quebec was able to collect the federal taxes.

“To simplify the life of citizens, we would agree with that, he declared, in the margin of an activity to the Chamber of commerce of Quebec. There is no reason why one would not be able to do it.”

Mr. Couillard, however, imposed two conditions : that the whole is regulated in Quebec and that Quebec retains full leeway to tax. The CCP thus takes up a proposal that the NDP was adopted earlier this year, but defends himself to imitate him. The conservatives say they want to recognize the distinct character of Quebec and to reduce the administrative burden.


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