Marie-Claude Camirand is expected to be of the race

Marie-Claude Camirand devrait être de la course

THREE-RIVERS — The assembly of the investiture of the Parti québécois in the riding of Trois-Rivières will be held on June 16, and Marie-Claude Camirand is likely to be of the race.

The Association pq Trois-Rivières confirms that at least two women wish to represent the party in the elections to the month of October. Ms. Camirand corroborates that she is one of them.

“I can not confirm that I will be a candidate. I’m still working with the party. But I think that the chances that I present myself to the investiture are 75 %”, says Ms. Camirand.

This last specific have been approached by representatives of the association activist. The former councillor, who lost the November election in the district of Chavigny after two terms, was not necessarily in the “sphere of influence” to represent. But she is drawn to the challenge of proposing to the people of quebec other ways of governing.

“The values of the Parti québécois join me. There is a sensitivity to the citizen, of the person, for his better living. There are the values of social justice, protection of the language and heritage, to give back power to the regions, to consult with the citizens. And there is the project of society, the sovereignty, which is part of my ambitions”, she says.

Marie-Claude Camirand devrait être de la course

Yves Rocheleau is the president of the Association pq Trois-Rivières.

Photo Sylvain Mayer

Yves Rocheleau, president of the Association of PQ in Trois-Rivières, refuses to reveal the identity of the two potential candidates. He did not deny that Ms. Camirand is part of the two names that circulate when The Novelist submitted this possibility. But he refuses to name the second person, simply saying that she is known in her community and that she was to announce publicly his intentions.

“This is a woman who has had a long career in the social network. These are both good applications, a beautiful choice,” notes Mr. Rocheleau, claiming for his part that the two women have made approaches with the executive of the PQ in Trois-Rivières.

The nomination period ends on 6 June. It is therefore possible that other people decide to try their luck to be in the electoral campaigning of the fall. But to see that two people are interested is well seen by Mr. Rocheleau.

“These are applications that will raise the interest of their reputation and other factors. Have two women who are involved and have the desire to go further, it denotes that the games are far from being facts: in the last survey (Lightweight for the account of the daily newspapers Le Devoir and Le Journal de Montréal), this is 50 % of the population that is said to be undecided. It gives an open door. Everyone has the right to dream.”

The president of the association pq admits that the whole saga surrounding the Bloc québécois in the last few months doesn’t help the popularity of the Parti québécois.

“It is at least the minimum. We can just go back”, believes the former mp of the Bloc québécois.

Members in good standing of the Parti québécois Trois-Rivières will have the chance to express their choice at the annual investiture, which will take place from 9: 30 a.m. on the second floor of the Salon de jeux de Trois-Rivières. Some 600 people are members of the PQ to Trois-Rivières.


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