It is a great honour to the FestiVoix

Le grand honneur au FestiVoix

THREE RIVERS — The Great cultural Prizes of Three Rivers, celebrated on Monday night in their 25 years in a very great sobriety, which left little room for the creativity to make the evening a social event with equal if not more emphasis on the sponsors of the culture that the creators themselves. The big winner of the evening was, however, the FestiVoix, which has won the Grand Prize of the culture.

However, the artistic contribution to remarkable of the excellent musical group, the Catherine Laurin jazz Quintet, which has not only developed the envelope music of the evening but did it with spirit and verve.

The FestiVoix is an event if stuck to the life of the Trifluviens that we had almost forgotten that he could be a candidate for the prestigious award. The chairman of the board of directors, Jean Lamarche, as the director-general, Thomas Gregory, accepted the honor with class and modesty, underlining the strength of the organization which, after twenty-five years of existence, looks resolutely towards the future.

“In an environment where it is easy to be accused of being a populist and commercial, in particular by means of courageous social media, said Jean Lamarche, in his speech, Culture: 3R chooses to make a beautiful place in FestiVoix and, by the same occasion, the wife of our organizational values, which are based on the quality, diversity and accessibility. As chairman of the board of directors, I am extremely proud to find myself in a category that comprises, in particular, the Ursuline community, the Conservatory of music, the book fair, the Workshop of Flint or my friends on fire “Coyote,” Gaudreau and the still very much alive, Patricia Powers.”

The FestiVoix has succeeded on the stage at the award winning Three Rivers without borders, the actress and now playwright Christine Beaulieu, whose acknowledgements were not in class. She thanked him with a warmth that we don’t pretend the Trifluviens that have had on his life, a big impact since some of the teachers at the high school Chavigny up to his family and friends. She was convinced anyone could doubt his deep commitment to his hometown and given the price its heartening significance. “You know, she said, inter alia, that these prices are valuable to us. Three Rivers, thanks to you, have no boundaries, seemed to me to be insuperable.”

The price Initiative Education Culture has been handed over to the primary School’s international education sector is for his project, My kindergarten dream. The heritage award, Benjamin-Sulte, has been handed over to the Society for the history of Cap-de-la-Madeleine for his magazine Prints. For the prix Arts-Affaires, it was handed over to the administration of the port of Trois-Rivières.

The literary prize Gérald-Godin is returned to Guillaume Morrissette for his novel flowers for your first time. On the side of the visual arts, the price Stelio Sole was awarded to Valérie Guimond for his exhibition with the title of The fake princesses. Finally, the price of the performing arts Louis-Philippe-Fish is back at the Festival international de Danse Encore for the gala as a tribute to Vincent Warren.

It is also during this ceremony that the thanks of the most deeply emotional have been offered by Claire Mayer, the artistic and general director of FIDE, who noted that Vincent Warren died shortly after this tribute, he, the only one that has been made despite the disease that hinted at his departure.

At the end of the evening, the winners of the Grand Prize of the culture agreed that despite the awards received provincially since a few years, it was particularly warm in the heart. “It is a great privilege for us because it is the recognition of the environment that recognizes the cultural marks that are left,” explained the director-general Thomas Gregory. The FestiVoix affects all sorts of areas including the economy and tourism but above all, the culture. For us, it is the cherry on the cake of 25 years of work, involvement of volunteers, administrative teams, partners. It is a true honour, a true pride of receiving this award.”

“This year, to continue Jean Lamarche, it combines the price. We won a tourism and there, in the field of culture, and receive in the same year, it creates the effect of exhibitors extremely interesting. The award recognizes the efforts that are made to be popular while offering quality programming. This is a big challenge as it tries to meet every year.”

“Culture flows in our veins, to add Thomas Gregory, and when one creates a program, it is to provide the greatest possible diversity. It begins to touch the visual arts also. So, it is the culture that is the heart of our event so that it is rewarded, it is a deep satisfaction.”


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