“I’m not the Superman of the policy,” says Alexandre Taillefer

«Je ne suis pas le Superman de la politique», dit Alexandre Taillefer

MONTREAL – businessman Alexandre Taillefer warns that it is “not the Superman of the policy,” but he has confirmed his arrival to the presidency of the campaign of the liberal Party of Quebec, on Tuesday, being presented as the one who embodies “the new Quebec”.

Mr. Taillefer has met with the press on Tuesday morning on a quay in the Old Port of Montreal, in the rain, together with the prime minister and liberal leader Philippe Couillard and young people in the LPQ.

The man of affairs will chair the campaign of the QLP and, as such, will take care of the communication strategy, will be touring with the head, will enhance the electoral platform and will recruit the candidates of prestige for the party.

“I’m not the Superman of the policy. I am here today to give a helping hand, a hand that is going to require a lot of my time. I’m going to get involved body and soul in this fight”, he launched.

The liberal leader, he has presented as the one who embodies the Quebec new, a Québec that is sure of himself, who now has financial flexibility because it has restored the balance of public finances, which can borrow at a lower cost than Ontario, which has become an example for Canada, and which adopted a plan of action to combat poverty and a policy on sustainable mobility.

Not a candidate

Mr. Taillefer has justified the fact that it does not present itself as a liberal candidate in a constituency, arguing that he could not do so because of his many interests in different companies.

“I have at this moment in time commitments important business; I am involved in many businesses, and, for me, to leave it surreptitiously would be irresponsible.” It was all the same to “be involved in any way” for the next election campaign because he believes that it will be crucial to the future of Quebec.

When asked if his decision not to seek the post of deputy was for a year, two years, or a term of government, he admitted that he did not know exactly. “The only thing I can tell you is that this is not a lifetime commitment.”


Mr. Taillefer, who has already financially contributed to the pq, and who had campaigned for the Yes in the referendums of 1980 and 1995, says that he is now a federalist.

“I am a federalist and I defend that position for many years. For me, this question needs to be evacuated. It was an environment extremely conducive to the development of Québec; it is necessary to ensure that we maintain the course. Start trying to review the issue of independence will decline in Quebec”, he argued.

Minimum wage to $15

Mr. Taillefer said to always defend the minimum wage to $ 15 per hour, as he had publicly made, in particular, alongside the president of the FTQ Daniel Boyer, in August 2016, although the liberal government has not brought that to $ 12 per hour may 1, 2018.

“Today at $ 12, but there has been a growth of the wage (minimum) 16 percent, compared to a CPI of 6 percent. The economic growth of Quebec continues. It is very important to understand, is that progressive values require to be a economic growth. And if it creates wealth, it will redistribute it”, he concluded.


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