Couillard opened to a single statement of income

Couillard ouvert à une seule déclaration de revenus

QUEBEC — Quebec is ready to take off taxes to the federal through a single statement of income

The prime minister Philippe Couillard has welcomed Monday the proposal of the conservative Party (PCC) Andrew Scheer, who wants to establish a single report income tax in Quebec if they form the government, rather than the two that quebec taxpayers must complete currently.

This commitment by the PCC is part of an offensive of seduction aimed at Quebec and launched in the last general council, in Saint-Hyacinthe, the end of last week.

In a press briefing Monday afternoon, Mr. Couillard said that Quebec was able to collect the federal taxes.

“To simplify the life of citizens, we would agree with that, he declared, in the margin of an activity to the Chamber of commerce of Quebec. There is no reason why one would not be able to do it.”

Quebec has its own revenue agency, Ottawa, ont.

Mr. Couillard, however, imposed two conditions: that the whole is regulated in Quebec and that Quebec retains full leeway to tax.

“We don’t want to end up in a situation where Quebec would be hung at the option of the federal and would depend on the choice of the federal government, to decide its own tax system,” he said.

No guarantee of adoption to the national

The conservative Party cannot guarantee that the resolution adopted Saturday by the general council by the activists of the Quebec proceeding on the floor of the national convention in Halifax, because it was not among the three who obtained the voting percentages of the most high.

The activists have agreed to the most strong majority of those raised to the rank of officer of the Parliament, the federal ombudsman for victims, to renegotiate the Agreement on safe third country, and improve the issuance of work permits to facilitate the integration of immigrants.

“These three resolutions are the ones that the members have chosen to place in the top 3, they have almost received 100% of the votes. They have a fast track to get to Halifax,” explained Monday in an e-mail Catherine Major, spokesperson of the party.

The one calling for the establishment of an income statement, unique in Quebec, has also received strong support (89%). She came in 15th place out of 20 in terms of popularity, depending on what was specified Ms. Major.

Even if she did not get the same pass as the other three, she “has a 99.9% chance” to be discussed and put to the vote at the national congress of conservatives, which will be held from 23 to 25 August in Halifax, has supported the spokesperson.

The leader of the conservatives Andrew Scheer has been reported in the press, at the end of the general council, that it was open to the proposal “very, very interesting”, as it is for “all the ideas that would reduce the paperwork”.


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