Kean-Braidwood: A second title game on 16 June

Kean-Braidwood: Un deuxième titre en jeu le 16 juin

SHAWINIGAN — The issue of the clash between Simon Kean and Adam Braidwood on June 16, Shawinigan, just climb up a notch.

In addition to the belt IBF international Kean that will be the challenge, the organizers have found a second belt to give the winner, either the WBC francophone. This belt is little known, since it was manufactured in 2014. The WBC was created to serve as a counterweight to the Commonwealth title. In theory, the wearer is allowed access to the top 20 of the WBC. “For the positioning of the careers of the two boxers in the final, it is certainly a title that is interesting,” explains the president of the Cataracts, which are jointly organising the evening with Eye of the Tiger Management. Nearly 4000 people have already purchased their tickets to witness this duel of heavy weights that is to be expected since one year. Yves Ulysse Jr and François Pratte will be as of this map at the Centre Gervais Auto.


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