Eight rackets by the national

Huit raquettes d’ici aux nationaux

TROIS-RIVIÈRES — This is not a record, but it is without doubt one of the best vintages of the Region. No less than eight players of the regions of Trois-Rivières and Shawinigan are arrived at Burlington in Ontario on Sunday, which will open on Monday in the Championship of the canadian civil badminton.

This will be the final competition of a busy year for the best snowshoes from here. The sisters Maëlie and Alizé Gélinas (Keranna), Michael Yergeau (Chavigny), as well as Raphaëlle Cuny, Jeanne Poirier, Nicolas Boutet, Jérôme Bordeleau and Frederick Boutet, all of the school Val-Mauricie, everyone will want to play their best badminton of the season. For some of them, a place in the top 10 is still possible.

“Ontario and British Columbia are still the provinces to fight in these tournaments. We, in Quebec, it is located in the middle, but we can compete with them.” ensures Boutet, who was the spokesperson for the group.

“This is the last big event of the year! Then it will not only make act of presence. The format of the tournament requires us to be focused for a week, but it is a nice challenge.”j

In fact, the canadian championship is being held until Saturday… to a month of the end of the school year! “We organize our schedule, you have to love it! It is necessary to be good students in the classroom and our teachers understand, we arrange with them. When they see our results, I guess it helps to let us go!”

Because the year just ended has been one of good shots. Alizé Gélinas is provincial champion in mixed, while his sister Maëlie throne at the top of the cadet singles at a school level. Jeanne Poirier, a player elite, is nominated at the gala of the federation in its category, while the provincial Championship as a senior, organized a few weeks ago, could win the palm among the excellent events. The club of Donald Marchand des Montagnais is also nominated for the title of club development. The gala will take place on 2 June, in Drummondville.

The school Chavigny, the coach part of the structure of badminton, Martin Gervais, rubs his hands to success faced by its young people are protected. The Lions now have 47 players on the team competition and the next year, 230 students will be enrolled in a course of development of badminton, course offered as an option in their schedule.

“This is a record year for the girls, in particular, says Gervais. In juvenile boys, Simon-Gabriel Gélinas has won everything! We have had some very good moments, and it bodes well for the future of the sport, as many Trois-Rivières to Shawinigan. We work together to make badminton an option of choice for our student-athletes


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