Convincing the stick, the less the mound

Convaincants au bâton, moins au monticule

THREE-RIVERS — In this period of the year where it is often the launchers that have the top on the batting, it is rather the reverse that happened as much to the Eagles of Trois-Rivières, the capital of Quebec.

During matches preparatory contested on Saturday in Sherbrooke, and the next day at the Stadium, Canac, Quebec, the offensive of each of the teams have dictated their law against pitchers of the opposing. In the end, the fans were treated to a tie of 9-9, and then another win from the Capitals, 11-8, on Sunday evening.

These are only meetings out of the contest, but the managers appreciate this kind of confrontations, if only to test the alignment of the hitters, study their at bat, and to validate the potential of the launchers. “We will have to make some adjustments on the side of the launchers. But it’s not worth just for us. As much ours as those of the Capitals have experienced trouble in the end of the week,” analyzed the manager of the Eagles T. J. Stanton.

Perceived by many as the future ace of the rotation starters, Kramer Sneed has known a beginning of a difficult game Sunday in Quebec city, giving eight points in two rounds. It is replaced by the following. The levator Kevin McNorton and Philip Walby have also impressed their manager.

To attack, David Glaude has produced five points, snapping such a circuit against the pitcher of the Capitals Karl Gélinas. Taylor Brennan, Javier Herrera and Alexi Colon, which should hit in the first rank, have also been published. “At this stage of the year, the important thing is to decode the throws with which you feel most comfortable with, and then show an aggressive approach. We have seen many beautiful things in the offensive, I am very happy with it. I think that we will be able to put pressure on the pitchers of the league. 17 points in two matches, this is not bad at all!” concluded Stanton.

The Eagles will play a last game of preparation, Tuesday afternoon in Ottawa, before returning to the federal capital Friday for the start of the regular schedule.


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