The Eagles and the Capitals in attack mode

Les Aigles et les Capitales en mode attaque

The Capitals of Quebec and the Eagles of Trois-Rivières have delivered a real competition in homers, on Saturday afternoon, in Sherbrooke, in a tie of 9 to 9.

In all, five homers that have been hit in the Amédée-Roy Stadium. 752 supporters present have got their money, having the right to a match with high score. In spite of everything, baseball fans were also able to be put in the tooth of tasty games on the defensive.

The head coach of the Capitals, Patrick Scalabrini, is pleased with the show that had the people of Sherbrooke. “We wanted to give a show. Win or lose at this time of the year, this is not serious. It was to show beautiful games, some circuits, something spectacular, ” says the people of Sherbrooke, adding that the supporters have probably got their money.

The coach of the Capitals has enjoyed the welcome that the fans gave him. “It was great! I had one of my rare applause during my presentation. It is heart-warming. It is fun to come back here. We are located in the room where I was with the Bombers “, remembers Scalabrini.

“There were people at mass!, smiled the pitcher Marc-Antoine Bérubé. A beautiful party, a beautiful stage, it was pleasant! It was fun to have applause. It puts us quietly in the rhythm of the season. “

The head coach of the Eagles, TJ Stanton, also love this experience of playing matches preparatory in different cities. “It is always a nice experience. For players, it is really fun with supporters. They are not for us or against us. It was a good baseball game, ” commented Stanton.

The match in brief

After a first round without a history, it is the Capitals who struck first and they did it in a big way. Under the applause of the crowd, Josh Vitters was not intimidated by the hill in the Amédée-Roy Stadium, leaving the ball on the ground without too much difficulty.

The launcher of the Eagles, Kevin McNorton, has inspired his team during the first part of the third round. The # 23 managed to subdue two batters of the Capitals, by removing on of the taken.

The Eagles have returned in force to the stick, taking the advance for the first time of the match. With a withdrawal to the table, Alexi Colon scored a two-point blackening in the passage the score sheet.

Javier Herrera has also released a long ball out of right field, propelling his team ahead 3-to-1.

Jordan Serena added in the fifth inning. The # 17 of the Capitals has, once again, executed a beautiful homerun, this time, to the limit of the line of the first goal, reducing the gap to 3 to 2.

With a tie of 4 to 4 in the sixth inning, Talayor Brennan, well alert, took advantage of a beautiful strike from his team mate at the field centre to give back the advance from the Eagles of Trois-Rivières.

The Eagles would have been able to give a hard blow to the Capitals in the seventh round. After a beautiful sure made by Javier Herrera, Alexi Colon and Michael Sachy are returned to the marble, bearing the mark 7 to 4 in favour of the Trifluviens.

The Capitals were not going to be intimidated as well. After reducing the gap to 7-to-5, the Eagles have made a withdrawal in the first goal. This magnificent defensive play has not prevented Marcus Blackmon, and Jordan Serena bring everyone back to square one.

The Quebecois have even taken the lead, thanks to a magnificent circuit of two points of Edgar Lebron. The Eagles, however, are back in the end of the game, causing a draw.


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