Québec solidaire is revising downward its target of reducing GHG emissions

Québec solidaire révise à la baisse sa cible de réduction des GES

Québec solidaire (QS) is revising downward its target of reducing greenhouse gas emissions, rising to 67% by 2030 to 45%. A more “realistic” and more “credible”.

At the end of a debate Saturday morning, the delegates are in solidarity gathered in the national council, at the Cégep de Sainte-Foy, are arranged to two-thirds behind the new target. The decision was taken in light of a study commissioned a few months ago by the leadership of the party. In the framework of the strategy for energy transition and economic, on which board QS.

The observation made by the firm of experts and by the”internal expertise”, explains the press officer of QS Stephanie Guévremont, is that the target of 67%, put forward by the party since 2011, was not achievable despite the implementation of all the measures included in the electoral programme of solidarity. It was not therefore realistic.

The formation of the left, would be retained, however, the cap on the target of 95% reduction by 2050. It is argued in QS that the target for 2030 did not take into account the progress “slower” at the beginning of the energy transition.

Among the other measures approved Saturday morning, a government solidarity, to agree to withdraw the Quebec carbon market in north america, which provides according to the members “permits to pollute”, and would announce the end of its participation in the federal tax carbon by the end of his first term. An alternative system would be developed and proposed in a second term.

Support monster for Manon Massé

Under a support of 98% of the members of QS, Manon Massé would be appointed prime minister if his training had taken power.

Which was sort of a vote of confidence that led to a result that a member of the parliamentary press has called “the soviet”, as the support of Ms. Massé is a majority. “The honor is except, this is not 100%”, jokingly said Amir Khadir, mna for Mercier, before revealing the result.

Despite a fracture to the femur in a ski accident — that she heals from the 22 April, Manon Massé has appeared on the scene, the crutches under the arms. She delivered a speech to flavor election, flesh the liberal record, particularly in terms of health. She looked forward to coltailler with François Legault, Philippe Couillard and Jean-François Lisée in the debates. “It’s going to rocker”, she promised.

The member of parliament for Sainte-Marie–Saint-Jacques is presented in the unifying, close to ordinary people and not of the customer “handpicked”. A reference to the recent statement of the minister of Forests, Wildlife and Parks, Luc Blanchette, as what the clientele of fishing in the far North was not a “Walmart”, but rather “handpicked”.

Ms. Massé has reiterated that QS was not a party to montreal, hoping to achieve breakthroughs in Quebec city, Jean Lesage, and in Taschereau.

It has also permitted a point directed towards the businessman Alexandre Taillefer, who will chair the election campaign of the liberal Party of Québec (PLQ), learned this week. “It takes nothing but millionaires to find this party-there progressive,” she said. “The positions progressives of Mr. Couillard join me”, said Mr. Taillefer on social networks.

New survey

A new poll by Léger-Marketing Duty–The Journal de Québec indicated Saturday morning that the voting intentions to the place of QS were 10%, up two percentage points since the last probe. The 10% are, however, below expectations.

“This is a survey…” has trivialized Ms. Massé. “On the ground, we what we see is that one fills rooms like never before. […] It is rendered to close to 20 000 members, never-before-seen,” she pleaded. “For me, the real survey, this is the 1st of October.”

The survey consolidates moreover the Coalition avenir Québec in the lead in voting intentions, with 35%. The liberals have dropped to 2 %, while the Parti québécois was stagnant at 22%.

Behind closed doors

Many of the activities held at the national council of QS are closed, that is to say, to the shelter of the media. The debate on the reduction target of GHG, in the morning, almost to be, at the request of some delegates.

The party does not lack of transparency, has defended the co-spokesperson Manon Massé. She believes that the debate on election strategies must be held in camera to avoid to transmit information to political opponents. “Debating strategy, it is something that one must do between us, because it can trap, it can trap us. […] I think that this is not a lack of transparency, it is political maturity that we are to learn,” she said.


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