Public transportation at half price and exit out the 3rd link in QS

Transport en commun à moitié prix et exit le 3e lien chez QS

A government of Québec solidaire would cut in half the rates of public transit throughout Québec in the first year… and put an end to the proposed third link between Québec and Lévis.

The co-leader of Québec solidaire, Gabriel Nadeau-Dubois, made the announcement in the closing session of the national council of her party on Sunday at Cégep de Sainte-Foy. “In the first year of a government with solidarity, we will divide by two the price of public transport urban everywhere on the quebec territory for all categories of users. It, it’s daring!”, he launched into his closing speech before being ovationné by the 250 participants.

QS always willing to offer free public transportation to all Quebecers by ten years, but would start with a 50% reduction in tariffs.

This first step would cost 427,8 million $ to the Treasury of quebec, an expense that Mr. Nadeau-Dubois on judge to be “reasonable” and “realistic” without detailing precisely how he capitalizes it.

“In our program, there are, amongst others, measures such as the taxation of online commerce and the reform of the taxation of financial institutions”, a-t-he, however, listed as sources of income potential by ensuring that he would not raise taxes and would not create a new tax.

The co-leader recalled that the capital of Estonia, Tallinn, a city the size of Quebec, offered the public transport free of charge from 2013 in addition to quote Chambly, Richelieu, Carignan, Sainte-Julie, Candiac, La Prairie and Delson, such as towns in quebec that had already made the choice free of charge.

More affordable

The purpose is to increase the number of people who use public transit by making it more affordable, according to Mr. Nadeau-Dubois. “The idea is not to hunt for drivers, but to enable people who have a car do not use it and instead make the public transport because it is enjoyable, easy, and affordable.”

He recalled that in Montreal, it costs 1 050 $ per year to use public transportation with a monthly pass and 996 $ in Quebec, amounts that would discourage some potential users, especially low-income people.

For medium-sized cities, which do not yet have transit service, Gabriel Nadeau-Dubois has promised “new ways of public transit to the places where they do not currently have” the means of transport that are affordable and modern, has-t-he assured.

As for the third link between Québec and Lévis, Gabriel Nadeau-Dubois termed it a bad project that would only serve to enrich the promoters of the south shore, and to explode the traffic to Quebec.

“This is a bad project. This is not what Quebec needs. Yes, Quebec solidaire would pull the “plug” on the third link, it is a project of the XX Century”, he declared in a press conference while the media asked him if his party would abandon the project once in power.

Transport en commun à moitié prix et exit le 3e lien chez QS

Nadeau-Dubois has termed the third link of bad project that would only serve to enrich the promoters of the south shore.

The Sun, Jean-Marie Villeneuve

Québec solidaire will have to grow faster, ” said Nadeau-Dubois

The co-leader of Québec solidaire, Gabriel Nadeau-Dubois, believes that his political party will have to grow faster than it has done up to now. It is not simply a member of parliament during the next general election.

“We want to increase the growth rate of Québec solidaire. The rate of one member per election is no longer sufficient and it must come out of Montreal”, said Mr. Nadeau-Dubois, in press.

Currently, Québec solidaire has only ridings in montreal’s Sainte-Marie-Saint-Jacques (co-leader Manon Massé), Gouin (Nadeau-Dubois) and Mercier, where the mna Amir Khadir will not, however, a new mandate this fall.

The co-leader also listed Taschereau (Catherine Dorion), Rosemont (Vincent Marissal), Laurier-Dorion (Andrés Fontecilla) and Sherbrooke (Christine Labrie) as of districts targeted where the party would put more efforts on the ground.

“The polls are a science, that it is not everybody that understands. Me, what I do know is that there has never been as much of members, which is 18 000, and our strategy is not based on national surveys,” he said about support for his party, which were 18% on his or her appointment, but had dropped to 10% in the most recent survey.


Knowing that Québec solidaire is the second choice of many voters who favor the Coalition avenir Québec (CAQ) and the Parti québécois, Mr. Nadeau-Dubois is aware that there will be work to do in order to demonstrate that his party embodies the change.

“We know that people want change, but what change? If they want the liberal Party on steroids, it is the CAQ. If they want another project of society, this is what offers Quebec solidaire.”

The co-leader has cited the proposal of a dental insurance universal and public as an example of what distinguishes his party from the others. “We are the only party that has the courage to face the lobby of the insurance companies. Between health insurance for dental care and a few hundred dollars in tax reduction or decrease in school taxes, which really improves the lives of families, it is the proposal for a Québec based on solidarity.”

Behind closed doors

Gabriel Nadeau-Dubois has also denied that his party is closer to the way other political parties, by holding debates behind closed doors during the national council.

“The militants want to have these discussions without finding the face of the Anchorperson. I think it is a legitimate concern. Québec solidaire remains far and away the party with the most transparent and the most open with the most democratic,” he said.

The question was put to him before the debate is closed to the public on the division of powers between the first minister and the deputy first minister.


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