Other federalists exhausted “Calinours” join the PCC, said Scheer

D’autres fédéralistes épuisés des «Calinours» joindront le PCC, dit Scheer

SAINT-HYACINTHE, Qc – The leader of the conservatives Andrew Scheer has whipped his troops to québec, and their promised reinforcements, Sunday: other bloquistes disillusioned will come to swell their ranks in anticipation of the next election.

In a speech delivered in the closing session of the general council, which was attended by about 400 activists in Saint-Hyacinthe this weekend, the leader has again courted the vote nationalist.

It has open arms so long “to the nationalists who are tanned baffles” that the “federalists who are no longer able to see Justin Trudeau live in his world of Calinours”.

And “believe me, Michel Gauthier, and Yves Lévesque, he’ll have several other” a-t-it dropped towards the end of his speech about fifteen minutes, he delivered in French.

The first, former mp and leader of the Bloc québécois, announced Saturday in Saint-Hyacinthe that he joined the blues as a member, and to give a boost to candidates from quebec who brigueront the votes.

The second, currently mayor of Trois-Rivières, for its part, confirmed that it was considering seriously to make the jump to the federal under the banner of a conservative in the elections of October 2019.

The conservatives were not a little proud of their coup, on Saturday. And on Sunday, their leader has echoes in front of a packed room of conference center maskoutain which had converged to the party activists.

“When one is proud of being conservative, we know welcome in our big family, all those who voted in the past to other parties, thinking that this could give a stronger voice in Quebec”, he argued.

“Proud to be conservative, it is also to be nationalist, be proud Quebecers and proud Canadians”, has launched Andrew Scheer.

Report of single tax in Quebec

The militant conservatives who converged on the Saint-Hyacinthe adopted resolutions tailor-made for Quebec, including the proposal to implement an income tax return that is unique to Quebec.

A return with Revenu Québec should, of course, be the subject of negotiations between a potential conservative government at the federal and the government, which would then be in place in Québec city.

Caquistes, pq members and several have already announced that they would be favourable. The liberals are for the status quo.

The quebec general election will take place in October next, and those at the federal level, a year later.


The leader of the official opposition made the remarks while the by-election in the riding of Chicoutimi-Le Fjord had just been triggered by the prime minister Justin Trudeau.

The conservatives are banking on a former coach of the Saguenéens of Chicoutimi Richard Martel, to delight the county to the liberals.

A win would give reason to the central theme of the council of Saint-Hyacinthe, is that the conservatives in quebec have “the wind in the sails”.

The rookie conservative, Michel Gauthier, said he “was convinced” that the district is quite prenable. And he is ready to put shoulder to the wheel if it seeks its input.

He has to talk to the voters of the region, “which are very nationalist”, the reflex “visceral” liberals “wanting to start a fight constitutionally”, as illustrated in the confrontation between Québec and Ottawa in the folder of the cultivation of cannabis at home.

“You’re going to live a quarrel constitutional […] about extremely important the number of plants to pot in the thatched cottages of Quebec”, he ironisé in a media scrum on Saturday.


Abortion, “not a right”

The leader of the conservatives Andrew Scheer said to have had a conversation with his deputy for that abortion “is not a right”. But he refuses to specify what he communicated, what kind of reaction this shout in the Commons he was inspired, and if the member is rapped on the fingers.

“I spoke to Mr. Falk, but I do not talk of governance”, did it offer a point of press in Saint-Hyacinthe, Sunday, at the conclusion of the general council of his party.

The leader of the opposition has not wanted to clarify how he had reacted when Ted Falk screamed in the Room, such as abortion, “this is not a right” then that Justin Trudeau had just finished a response where it was felt that its liberal would support the right to abortion.

The chief Scheer, who is antiavortement, has not wanted to say if for him, abortion was a right.

Six times, he said that he, his party or any government respected “the decisions of the courts” in response to questions on the subject, without ever uttering the word “abortion” in his answers.

The chief had not yet spoken publicly about the concussion that has caused her member of parliament in manitoba Ted Falk during question period in the House, last Wednesday.

These remarks had stood up in the benches of the government and the New democratic Party (NDP).

The elected new democrat Anne Minh-Thu Quach, who came to the tower asking a question, described as”horrible” this was just said in the House of commons.

The lieutenant policy Andrew Scheer in Quebec, Alain Rayes, had rebuked Ted Falk, like some of his colleagues in the caucus in quebec, including Gérard Deltell and Sylvie Boucher.

The incident occurred while the conservatives try to recalibrate the image of the chief and the training, in particular in order to make gains in Quebec in the next election.

In the corridors of the hotel where stood the general council of the conservative Party, this weekend, activists claimed that this incident was not of a nature to discourage certain Quebecers to vote blue.

“Not at all, not at all. It was his opinion to him, and it does not reflect the party and the ideologies of the members of the party,” said Valérie Assouline, a member of the national executive of the conservative Party in Quebec.

“It is certain that I find it unfortunate, that he made this comment, and I do not support this comment,” added the former candidate of the conservative Party and the Coalition avenir Québec.

According to Jean-Philippe Fournier, a young activist in montreal, “it is a false debate, because it is not in our plans to open it”, and “the vast majority of the members in the rite completely.”

It remains that if the other political parties are using the case to attack the conservatives and that the media turns these charges, that “can change the opinion of some people”, he argued.

For the activist, Anne DeBlois, of the region of Québec, “because it “spinne” everywhere, yes, there may be an impact [on the image of the party in Quebec].

“Me, sure it has caused me discomfort, and I know that there are people who do we not like it because of that. This is something I’m aware of, but there are people who don’t like Justin Trudeau for something else”, she stressed.


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