The spirit of the sport above all

L’esprit sportif avant tout

THREE-RIVERS — beyond all the victories and the medals imaginable, the spirit of sport should always take precedence. This is the esssence of the message that the olympic champion Jean-Luc Brassard vehicle these days to the four corners of the province as a ambassdeur of the spirit of sport, an initiative of the government of Quebec.

The gold medalist of the Games of Lillehammer in 1994 was on a visit to Trois-Rivières on Friday to meet young students of the College of the Horizon and the primary School of international education. In addition to providing an overview of his course freestyle skier – he describes young people as the ancestor of Mikaël Kingsbury and Alexandre Bilodeau!– the olympian places the emphasis on the importance of having fun in a healthy environment, not only in the world of sports but in all spheres of life.

“If I brings me back to the small school, I would have liked someone to tell me that it is possible to realize his dreams. When one has the chance to come and do as I’m doing now, we know that we can have a certain impact,” says one who has competed in four olympic winter Games between 1992 and 2002.

Cuff is part of the five ambassadors of this government program in the company of the olympian Guylaine Dumont (volleyball), Karen Paquin (rugby), soccer player Patrice Bernier as well as the reporter for the sports Network, Chantal Machabée. These spokespersons are the tour of the province to present to young people the programme Sport Assistance as well as the platform

While the provides support services, counselling and orientation for young athletes to victims of abuse and violence, the serves as a toolbox to provide a sporting environment which is safe and healthy, for athletes, parents, administrators, officials, coaches.

“It’s fun that the government has decided to get involved in a cause like that, even if it is not very glamorous. All that is left of Guylaine Dumont, who has had a coach who had bad ways of doing things. The site offers plenty of tools that allow you to know where the boundary lies in the behaviors and how to intervene without putting yourself in trouble when the situations are more delicate.”

Through his message, Jean-Luc Brassard always say to young people the importance of having fun while practicing a sport, recalling that it is this which must take precedence over everything, including the results. The persistence and progression should be ahead of the race to the top priorities.

During the period in question, the interest of young people towards the monument to the amateur sport is undeniable. Clearly, Brassard has the attention of the audience. “The questions are very important in an exercise like this. Here, it went wonderfully. But it has already happened that the questions spoke volumes. For example, a student asks me if my father yells when I don’t win. We quickly understand that there is a problem…”

The about Jean-Luc Brassard will certainly resonate with all the young people who participate, over the next few days, the Grand Défi Pierre Lavoie as well as in the event Fillactive.


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