The controversial Gerry Sklavounos will not stand in elections

Le controversé Gerry Sklavounos ne se représentera pas aux élections

MONTREAL — The controversial mna Gerry Sklavounos announced on Friday that he would not run in the next provincial election.

The ex-liberal mp wrote on his page Facebook that he wanted to “devote more time to his young family”, while his wife has to give birth to a third child next month.

Mr. Sklavounos is the member of parliament for the riding of montreal’s Laurier-Dorion since more than 10 years. He represented the liberal Party of Quebec, until it excluded at the end of the year 2016, then he was targeted by allegations of sexual misconduct.

In his short statement, the mp 43-year-old was said to be “proud” of his achievements in his constituency, which covers the sectors of Villeray and Park-Extension.

Gerry Sklavounos had wrested the riding of Laurier-Dorion to the pq’s Elsie Lefebvre in 2007. It has been re-elected continuously for the three terms following.

Mr. Sklavounos was deputy leader of the government in October 2016, when a young woman, Alice Pack, was accused publicly of having sexually assaulted her. No charges had been filed against the mp, but it has never been reinstated to the liberal caucus.

The prime minister Philippe Couillard had laid a condition that he will return to the caucus : he had to make “a very strong statement, very felt and very sincere,” indicating how “as a person, as a man he was” to behave with women in the future.

Mr. Sklavounos had done a press conference in which he was described as a man of charming and passionate, but he had not apologized to the women who had found his attitude demeaning. In February 2017, the liberal caucus, therefore, had refused to welcome back to its ranks.

More recently, a young activist liberal alleged to have suffered unwanted advances from the mp when she was 15 years old. In an interview with the daily Press, in April last, Maude-Félixe Gagnon had said that the mp had been invited to go have dinner.

The election in Laurier-Dorion has often given rise to races tight, and Québec solidaire is a lot of emphasis on this district, where its candidate finished second in 2014.



Gerry Sklavounos (Quebec liberal Party): 46,19 %

Andrés Fontecilla (Québec solidaire): 27,69 %

Pierre Céré (Parti quebecois): 15,93 %

Valérie Assouline (Coalition avenir Québec): 7,21 %


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