The album Stone takes shape

L’album Stone prend forme

THREE-RIVERS — further Proof of the attachment of the tape to 45 Degrees to the team of the amphitheatre and the local population, they were many Friday nights to come and give the exclusive songs from the album “Stone” which will be officially released on march 18.

Jean-Phi Goncalves, the man of music and the primary force behind this initiative, had come to meet his public in the company of Daniel Fortin, executive director creation at 45 Degrees, a company of Cirque du Soleil and Jean-Guy Legault, director of the show. In the framework of a 5-to 7-which brought together a good number of guests trifluviens at the Cabaret in the Amphitheatre, Fortin and Goncalves addressed the audience briefly to leave the place to the real stars of the evening: Valérie Carpentier, who has offered a live version of Call-Girl and Betty Bonifassi, who has also regained its song of the album, Oxygen, which became, under his voice, particularly troubling.

The organizers of the evening, however, had booked a surprise choice for the public: Luc Plamondon, live in Paris, in sound and in images. The writer has conversed directly with Jean-Phi Goncalves and the public from the balcony of his apartment located squarely at the foot of the Eiffel Tower that loomed majestic and brilliant in the parisian night. It seemed slightly confused at some moments, speaking at the start of the amphitheatre of Sherbrooke, Luc Plamondon, appeared excited to participate in what amounted to an official launch of the album.

+ Taken from the album Stone

“I’m really very glad that you have made this disk, which comes to remind me of the wonderful evening that you helped me move last summer. Someone had told me at the beginning of the adventure, that this would be a show of women and it is true that I have written a lot for women. But to hear the interpretations of extraordinary of these new voices give a second life to songs upset me. I think Ariane Moffatt that made me to cry with S. O. S. d’un terrien in distress, Betty Bonifassi, Klo Pelgag… I don’t want all the names for fear of forgetting but I found it extraordinary. Recently, I saw the death of the interpreters of Starmania such as Maurane, or France Gall, and I find it wonderful that more young people take over.”

“Thanks to Jean-Phi for his great work and to all of you, I say goodbye because we will meet again for Notre-Dame-de-Paris in the month of August. I’ll be there.”

It was not a pure exclusive for the Trifluviens since the day before, listening to had been organized for the media in montreal. “I find that the reaction has been good, comment on Jean-Phi Goncalves, but we, we are just happy that it so. It happened something special with the show last year and it was important that it survive.”

“It’s particularly, I think, that we live the work of Plamondon with beautiful voices in quebec, indicate Daniel Fortin. There is the music and the outstanding work of Jean-Phi, of course, but these 15 voices, have made significant contributions. One is accustomed to hear the songs of Plamondon with voices in the original but then I found that we were to bring these songs to today. It was not meant to be nostalgic, it was basically a respectful tribute to the work. Young voices sing it, I found it magical.”

“Before, sue Fortin, and put the music in our own devices for the replay, but now, we live the privilege of sharing with the general public. We had so many requests for an album each year. People leave the amphitheater by asking if there’s going to be an album. This time, Jean-Phi has put all his weight so that it is realized and I thank him for that.”

“There was something very emotional compared to the music and report to the whole team of this show, to add to Goncalves. We could bring together all these young voices that give a new soul to the songs, it was heart-breaking not to prolong this pleasure. Not that the previous shows there was not the money, but it was so particular this year that it would have been too much a shame not to make the album.”

After a album, will there be a day-to-DVD of one or the other shows? “For the moment, we haven’t thought about it, admits Daniel Fortin. It must be said that what we do here is special. We love Three Rivers. We do shows for people here and for bringing people here. The fact that this is presented as twenty times, it makes the show very valuable because of its rarity. Each performance is a unique moment and very touching. It is a happening exclusive and it is important that that stays as it is.”


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