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Open to grow
The Center early childhood At-Me At-You underlined the quality of the great commitment and contribution of its in charge of care services (RSG) in mid-family project Is open to grow. Aimed at supporting the quality of educational childcare services in a family environment, this project has enabled the RSG recognised by In-Me In-You to improve their educational practices in connection with the communication, the relationship with parents as well as the recognition of the specific needs and uniqueness of each child and his or her family. “The project is phased from April 2017 to march 2018, requiring an investment of $ 38,000 including an allocation of $ 25,000 from the ministry of the Family,” explained the director general of the CPE, Lucie Allard, who announced a result of the project.

$ 200,000 per year for the CRECQ

The minister responsible for the region of Centre-du-Québec, Laurent Lessard, are pleased with the annual support of $ 200,000, totaling one million dollars over five years, granted to the Conseil régional de l’environnement du Centre-du-Québec (CRECQ) in the framework of the discourse on the budget 2018-2019. This amount represents more than double the funding from which it benefited during the past two years.

With the minister of sustainable Development, the Environment and the Fight against climate change, Isabelle Melançon, Mr. Lessard believes that this substantial grant will assist the region Centre-du-Québec to meet the many environmental challenges that are his own in the beginning of the Twenty-first century.

The additional financial assistance granted to the CRECQ, such as that given to the other CRE du Québec and the Regroupement national des conseils régionaux de l’environnement du Québec for the next five years, will result, among other things, by an increased capacity to meet the demands of the environment and benefit the area of expertise relevant and rigorous.

Jocelyn Won re-election to the SSJBCQ

Jocelyn Gagné has just been re-elected for a second term as president of the Société Saint-Jean-Baptiste du Centre-du-Québec, an organization which has injected nearly $ 600,000 in five years in about 1140 projects, activities and events of the region.

The re-elected president intends to continue the development of the Society as a major actor of the social economy, which reinvests fully in its funds to its members and the community. Note that the former mayor of Nicolet, Alain Drouin, assumes the second vice-presidency of the SSJBCQ.

If Louise Dupuis also represents the MRC of Nicolet-Yamaska in the board of directors, the treasurer, Jean-Guy Simoneau, comes from the MRC of Bécancour.


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