Paul Busque will “face the wind”

Paul Busque fera «face au vent»

Suspecting an attack of an opponent, the liberal member for Beauce-Sud Paul Busque has no intention of bending the spine so that it is the subject of an investigation for breach of ethics.

“In Beauce, when you have a slap on one cheek, usually we do not present the other cheek. It straightens out the column, and one is facing the wind.” In an interview to the Sun, the politician adopts a tone of combative. Without aiming at a particular person or appoint a political party, the mp said “have a good idea where it’s coming from”, the complaint that was lodged with the ethics Commissioner and ethics officer.

Even if he is convinced that he has nothing to reproach himself, he took the decision to withdraw from the liberal caucus and will sit as an independent until the end of the survey. “I don’t want to be a distraction for the government,” says the one who has been informed that he was the subject of an investigation last Tuesday.

By “respect” for the ongoing investigation, Mr. Busque does not want to comment on the information circulating, to know that he would have hired his niece and the light of the partisan activities in his constituency office, suite that is paid for by the national Assembly.

Coincidence ?

Mr. Busque found that it was a “funny gift” of a complaint being made in his nomination as the liberal candidate in the next elections, scheduled for may 14. The party chose to postpone the inauguration to a later date. “For the moment, it is deferred and we will await the findings of the report of the ethics commissioner,” says Maxime Roy, director of communications for the PLQ. The party is not, for the moment, in search of a candidate to replace Mr. Busque.

The member of parliament for Beauce-Sud also has the firm intention to be a candidate in the elections of 1 October, if possible with the PLQ. “If, for reasons that I can’t control, I would be obliged to do so as an independent, I would do it”, he adds.

By then, he hoped that the investigation of the ethics commissioner will be able to be completed quickly, before the election. “I’m going to ask him to speed up the process. I don’t want her to bâcle his work, but I hope that it takes into account the electoral calendar.”

Mr. Busque has cancelled a Friday press conference at which he was to make an announcement on behalf of the government, but he participated in the groundbreaking ceremony of the rehabilitation works of the quay Pinon Saint-Georges.

A businessman for 35 years in the Beauce, Paul Busque has been elected as a liberal at a by-election in 2015. It account remains active in his constituency even though he is under investigation.


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