National council QS: Manon Massé, “first minister”

Conseil national de QS: Manon Massé, «première ministre»

QUEBEC – mna Manon Massé will be confirmed on Saturday as a possible first minister of Quebec in the event of the seizure of power by Québec solidaire.

Gathered in the national council in Quebec city, the activists of solidarity will have to ratify this choice, but it is only a formality.

This gathering of national bodies for the QS is the last before the elections of the next October 1st.

The delegates will be called upon to complete the preparation of elections, and to discuss priority issues for Québec solidaire, of which the energy transition.

Even if she is in rehabilitation after a severe skiing accident, Manon Massé will be on the board Saturday. The member of parliament for Sainte-Marie-Saint-Jacques has fractured a femur, and despite the severity of this injury, she hopes to return to the national Assembly before the end of the session.

In an interview with The canadian Press, Ms. Massé said not to worry about opinion polls, which give only between 8% and 10% of the voting intentions of Quebecers in Québec solidaire. It remains convinced that the strength of the ideas of his party and the involvement of more young people within QS will give the lie to the polls.

Manon Massé admits, however, that she would be disappointed if his training was not increased its support in the next elections.

Whether the departures of the co-founders of Québec solidaire, Françoise David and Amir Khadir, could have a negative impact on the party, Ms. Massé emphasized that these two “pillars” will continue to support and be involved in the training, even if they will no longer be the active policy.


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