Louis-Hébert, barometer liberal

Louis-Hébert, baromètre libéral

DECODING / Do not take or Julie Boulet or Marguerite Blais, neither Alexandre Taillefer as standards of measurement of the ranging policy that has or not the liberal Party of Quebec — d'”going”, because we can’t talk about momentum. To measure this going, the riding of Louis-Hébert is a better barometer than those names that have headlines this week. Go down on the field.

First of all, why the electoral district of Louis-Hébert? Because it was a fortress of the liberal and because the party of Philippe Couillard has suffered a broken nose recently. The bastion has fallen during the by-election is held in October. The caquiste Genevieve Guilbault earned at the end of a campaign fantastic.

A good indicator of the ability or not of the liberal Party of Quebec to attract, recruit candidates for elective office, will pass by the identity of the person who will wear its colours in this district of the capital region.

If the Quebec liberal Party fails to submit a big size in Louis-Hébert, is that he has never found anyone to believe that he may actually be in the reconquest; it is that he will be on the defensive, and this, even in a district that belonged to her there is some time still.

Louis-Hébert, baromètre libéral

The party of Philippe Couillard suffered a broken nose recently in Louis-Hébert, yet a stronghold of the liberal party.

Library The Sun, Yan Doublet

However, the party has difficulties to attract the interest of a recruit of prestige for Louis-Hébert. As in the partial of October last, he has suffered several refusals.

A young lawyer is interested to run as a liberal, a woman who says a lot of good. This person could very well prove to be an asset if she actually decides to try his luck and that it is chosen by the party.

He is not here to say that the political parties do not have to recruit “big names”. Fire Jacques Daoust was one of them. It has not been a minister, exceptional. The current holder of Transport, André Fortin, member of parliament for Pontiac, was not a star when he was recruited in the last elections. He’s doing yet rather well since he is a minister.

But he still needs to know that the liberal Party was looking for a “big name” for Louis-Hébert. And that he would welcome him again with open arms if he showed.

It is that he would have liked, and would always hit a big shot policy makers and the media in this electoral district francophone. He would like to prove that it is in the reconquest, and not on the defensive.

Of the big names, it will, of course. But in ridings in Montreal.

Currently, in the pharmacy of a liberal, are best put on the “constituencies of 2007,” which had given a government… minority.

And it is to be hoped that the “modernity” of Alexandre Taillefer will eventually make it possible to look better than this fallback strategy on the electoral map of 2007.

Calls Lisée

The leader of the Parti québécois, Jean-François Lisée, has launched yet another appeal to supporters of Québec solidaire. This is that with the current electoral system, a party can win a lot of seats with a few more points, as he can lose a lot with a few less…

In the last elections, with 25% of the vote, the PQ received 30 members of the national Assembly. With 23 %, only two small minus points, the Coalition avenir Québec, enter 22 elected to the blue Room, which is eight less.

That is to say, what a party that would increase from 25 % to 23 % or, worse still, for him, 20 % of the vote culbuterait seriously in terms of seats in the national Assembly.

Proportional voting would likely result in more minority governments. But it would reduce this kind of multiplier effect.

This is to bring the debate on his 3rd place in voting intentions the Parti québécois will present its election platform as soon as the holding of its next national Council, in two weeks. The PQ wants and must attempt to change the disk of the précampagne.


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