Ager with the CBA U18

Ager avec l’ABC U18

THREE-RIVERS — Jaycob Lachance and Yohann Dessureault will have of the company within the baseball Academy of Canada, since their former team-mate Louis Ager will align with the training U18 CBA over the summer.

The product Booms in Trois-Rivières midget AAA will rub so to the best junior players in the province by participating in the activities of the Ligue de baseball junior élite du Québec.

For Gaétan Gagnon, honcho Baseball CRM, this new selection reflects the development of the players in the Mauricie region. “Louis, Jaycob and Yohann are all gone by the sport-études. It is extremely satisfying to see players progress like that. They follow in the footsteps of several others among the Dragons and the Eagles junior.”

Member Booms, which have won the provincial championship in 2016 in addition to participating in the final of the circuit midget AAA in 2017, Ager will certainly be able to build an enviable place in the rotation of Robert Fatal. “It is a launcher for left-handed 17-year-old who has beautiful balls-and-effect. This is not the biggest, nor the one who has the fast the most explosive, but it works very well with the tools he a. In addition, he has a great head for baseball, and may very well do so also in the field.”

Face players more hardened, Ager will be able to obviously put it in the bank with a rich experience for the rest of his career. “It’s going to play in a better caliber. Being confronted with so much adversity, it’s going to be a nice way forward for him,” stressed Gagnon.


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