ABI: the parties are discrete

ABI: les parties se font discrètes

Bécancour — On January 11, the direction of the Bécancour Smelter decreed a lock-out. On may 11, thousands of union members affected have reached a preliminary meeting between their representatives and the special mediator Lucien Bouchard, at its offices in Montreal, which will be met by the employer in advance.

“There will be no comments in order to leave the negotiation”, had already warned Clairandrée Cauchy, communications of the united Steelworkers Union.

Same strategy as for the side of the employer. “This meeting is private and we will not disclose the content of discussions. The management of ABI is ready to engage in new collective negotiations in order to conclude a collective agreement, multi-year,” said the communications advisor, Sarah Dubé.

During this time, on the picket line, the lockoutés have received the visit of a group of activists of the regional Council of the united Steelworkers in Toronto.

“We are inspired by your battle against a strong multinational company that treats you without respect and dignity that every worker deserves. We are confident that with the solidarity, you will overcome this adversary odious. We will support you. As the fight continues”, launched the president, Carolyn Egan.

It alluded to the struggles the like, which are carried out across the world. “We need to stay united,” she pleaded. In the same breath, the guest of the day spoke of the lockout that has hit the faculty of UQTR and the rejection of the bids by the bus drivers of the RTC to speak about a region where there is a “hotbed of conflict.”

Two members of the Australian Workers Union, which represents workers at the facilities of Alcoa in Australia, were also of passage in Bécancour, in order to express their support and to testify that Australia also had its share of battles in the union.


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