A second springboard for Valerie Carpentier?

Un second tremplin pour Valérie Carpentier?

Three-Rivers — The region has seen it make its first steps in the profession and redécouvrira Valérie Carpentier as a performer accomplished in September next during the presentation of the musical “Notre-Dame-de-Paris” at the Amphitheatre Cogeco, 30 August-1 September.

This role comes as a blessing and a great moment in his career. “I wanted really a lot to this role, stated in an interview with the Nouvelliste last week. It’s been so long that I wanted a challenge of this magnitude. I already had some links with Luc Plamondon after my participation in Stone as an interpreter but I went through the process of auditions and I was thrilled that they offered me the role of Fleur-de-Lys.”

The challenge comes to a point, because at 24 years of age, it is different from the ingénue of her first album, or even the young player promising as it was in the days of The Voice. More assertive, more sure of herself, she faces the challenges with confidence and openness. However, the musical comedy Notre-Dame-de-Paris is certainly not the least.

“I work like a good student, she summarizes with a small smile that shows all the respect that she is devoted to people who mount this production. I had a series of rehearsals in the studio with Richard Cocciante shortly after the announcement of my selection for the role of Fleur-de-Lys. I was extremely impressed.”

“I was the more marked, it is the passion and love he has for his work. It’s been many years that it has been written, and it is still completely passionate about it. I found it very hot, very inspiring. This is how we all should be in life, I find.”


With him, she was able to explore the intricacies of the psychology of the character of Fleur-de-Lys, a step in his profession as an interpreter that she had a little explored until now. “He hasn’t just written songs to the room. He knows very precisely what it seeks to highlight in the context of the story it tells and themes it all take to heart then, it was exciting to live in.”

“I must say that I’ve been writing a lot of my songs so far in my career so that I have been at least confronted with the idea to put myself at the service of an author, but I confess that I find it quite difficult. It takes me to get in the skin of a character and I go look for emotions that are not mine. Fortunately, the themes are universal and timeless. We are all facing today.”

Another feature of a musical show like this, is that, like the opera, the dramatic intensity is magnified. “There is something very noble in this writing. From my side, my character knows an important development during the show. At the start, it is a young girl, naive and romantic, who falls in love with her knight. Thereafter, it enters into competition with Esmeralda who had deprived her of his love and at this moment, it is a feeling of jealousy that takes over and even a desire for violence, because she wants to kill her. Let’s say that this is not a feeling that is familiar.”

“Me, if I lose my lover, I would let it go but I don nourrirais not the desires of violence, such as Fleur-de-Lys. It took me to pick up this emotion. I find that in the whole show, the writing is very powerful and the shape, very accomplished. The consistency of the characters facilitates the interpretation.”

This jump in training to be spent at the college level, including, as she has studied in the interpretive program in musical theatre at the Collège Lionel-Groulx. “I have already played roles in the past but now it is professional. Young, I didn’t need to dig because the emotions were overwhelming, immediately accessible. My approach today is more the result of a thorough study. I am an observer in life then, I apply to Fleur-de-Lys of the things that I see people in reality. Having aged a little to change the nature of my work: I’m going more into detail and in accuracy to the character to be more complex and credible.”

Valérie Carpentier has not yet begun rehearsals with the rest of the cast of this new adaptation of quebec. It will be the little new in the group, the other having almost all already played in Notre-Dame-de-Paris. “I just met the other cast members but I know some. I even sang with Daniel Lavoie in the framework of other projects. The first time I met him, I was completely intimidated I still had the courage to invite him to sing with me, what he has done as a duo for the song in Los Angeles on the album The summer thunderstorms. It was done in the studio but also live on stage and I also sang with him at Christmas shows. It has become a simple brother to work, finally. I very much look forward to working with him and the other cast members.”

Fleur-de-Lys remains a secondary character with only three songs on the set, and a limited interaction with the other performers if this is Phoebus, her lover, played by Martin Giroux. The prestige of the show could still offer a new springboard to Valérie Carpentier to consolidate its place in the heart of the public.

Un second tremplin pour Valérie Carpentier?

Valérie Carpentier will now present performances solo built around the songs from his different albums.

Olivier Croteau

A new album?

Notre-Dame-de-Paris come at a better time for Valérie Carpentier who has completed the cycle of shows related to his third album To Rosie, out in 2016.

It was designed, as for the album, the show, a character, Rosie, the polar opposite of what it is itself. “Rosie was a girl extremely superficial to be attracted by everything that shines, for the money, etc, It was a symbol of superficiality and I admit that it is show that the concept worked best because I had a scene through which I dévoilais finally behind the character.”

“On the album, a lot of people have not understood that it was in the second degree. Several me have been criticized, especially on social networks because they thought that I was expressing my own values. Despite that, I loved the concept. I’ve had a lot of fun to create it and to interpret it. It was something creative. If some have not understood the idea, it really does not bother me. It’s a little my job to try things, to take risks. I love to sing, to tell stories, so I’m not going to change.”

Anyway, her character of Rosie is now dead and buried. She felt that she had made the turn. Now, the performances of this solo is built around the songs from his different albums.

At the present time, it is immersed in a process of creation as it is working on a next album which is still in its infancy. “I started writing but I threw a few songs up here; I was not satisfied. It is a luxury that I can afford at this stage because I have not yet due to respect.”

Collected at Production J at the end of his triumph in The Voice, the young woman from Sainte-Anne-de-la-Pérade has severed all links with the company of Julie Snyder these past few months. She chose Guy Ritchot as the new management company. She is currently seeking a record label that will want to produce his next opus, of which it cannot know when it will be released. We guess that it should be somewhere in 2019.


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