The junior baseball is 72 years old

Le baseball junior a 72 ans

THREE-RIVERS — The major League baseball junior élite du Québec will launch the activities of its 12 teams at the end of the week and as every year, the leaders made their traditional pilgrimage to the beginning of the season in a few towns of the province, of which Three-Rivers, one of the most important markets for the circuit, which celebrates its 72 years.

“Our sport is developing well at home, it is great to see it”, launched the president-Rodger Brulotte, who reviewed some of the highlights in 2017, including the visit of the junior national team of Cuba.

There will be no Cubans this year, but the LBJEQ is negotiating with officials of junior baseball in Japan, to bring Asians in Quebec in the years to come.

A proposed expansion of the frameworks of the circuit is also in the air.

“In an ideal world, it would take a team to Lévis, grants Brulotte. The programs of study in Sport improve, there is a demand for it. I say and I repeat, our players have been successful here, but also in american colleges. When we compare, we see that our circuit is very competitive. In fact, our class is often better than in some of the colleges.”

A schedule of activities and tributes
It was not only their big brothers in the League, Can-Am, which will mark the 80-year-old baseball stadium in Trois-Rivières, the Eagles junior will also take part in this feast.

During the opening game of the Saturday, may 12, at 13 h against Coaticook, the team led by Jean-Philippe Lemay will honor the memory of Ferdinand Guilbert, who died a few weeks ago. Long involved in baseball in the region, Mr. Guilbert has been over the years a player, coach and team supporter. His grandson, Tom, will be of the vintage 2018 Eagles juniors.

On 3 July, a tribute will be made to the Clement Trottier, a builder who has more than 20 years of his life to the club he. The next day, it will be the turn of former Expos, René Marchand, receive an honor, that of the removal of his shirt.

It should also be noted that the Eagles will play a double program in Victoriaville, 2 June. An initiative welcomed by Rodger Brulotte and that the Eagles should repeat, if all is successful.


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